Come Learn & Grow With The CEO Club


September 28th is a very exciting day, and the first of many more to come. The CEO Club will be hosting a “Year of Entrepreneurship”, and our first event will be a next Thursday in the Forum 12:30-2PM, lunch will be provided however you must RSVP with Amy Conley via email ( in order to be served lunch however anyone may attend 1-2PM without RSVP.


Our first speaker for this event is Nicole Manapol, the director of Letchworth Gateway Villages (LGV) Initiative. Manapol’s greatest concern is to help increase economic growth, including new tourism-related marketing efforts for communities that serve as a ‘gateway’ to Letchworth State Park. The USDA-funded collaboration works to stimulate economic growth and regional cooperation through the use of network building, technical assistance, and research and awareness building. Among many other things, recently they launched a blog that will highlight innovations and efforts throughout nearby communities. You can visit the site at:

You may or may not know that Dr. LaMattina and Professor Conley are the advisors for the CEO Club, and Dr. LaMattina shared her thoughts about the upcoming event. She says she is excited to have Nicole coming to GCC to help us kickoff our “Year of Entrepreneurship”. She also says the Nicole’s travels, experiences, academic degrees, career endeavors, and the energy she projects and embodies is the exact entrepreneurial spirit that GCC tries to foster.

Dr. LaMattina is also excited for the collaborative partnership with multiple local organizations throughout the “Year of Entrepreneurship”, all of which are going to even further “help nurture business ideas, plans, concepts, and an entrepreneurial spirit in the region”.

The next event in GCC’s “Year of Entrepreneurship” is October 26th, for the first annual Agri-Tourism Symposium. It will be hosted by GCC’s Tourism and Hospitality Management Program.  The goal of this event is to inspire entrepreneurial agri-tourism throughout the GLOW region with another feature keynote speaker as well as panelists and a Meet, Greet and Eat reception.

Make sure to RSVP with Professor Conley if you are interested in eating lunch prior to the event next Thursday, and if not then we will see you at 1PM to hear what Nicole Manapol has to say!

Myself and the CEO Club hope to see you there!

Stay inspired…


Be The Lucky Duck-The 9th Annual Ducky Derby!


Wouldn’t it be great to win some extra money right before spring break? Well I have a super easy and fun way for you to do that!

On March 9th at 12:30 in the pool at the Batavia campus, the 9th Annual Ducky Derby will be held. Prior to this date you can purchase a ticket and donate anywhere from $1 to $5, and when you donate you get a souvenir rubber ducky for your generous donation.

If your duck comes in first place you will win a percentage of the proceeds, and the ducks that follow will win a door prize. We have a lot of door prizes donated from local businesses. So even if you don’t win the cash prize, don’t be discouraged, you will still have the chance to win another prize!img_6912

$1 Duck – 10% of funds raised

$2 Duck – 20% of funds raised

$3 Duck – 30% of funds raised

$4 Duck – 40% of funds raised

$5 Duck – 50% of funds raised


All donations for the Ducky Derby are going to the Genesee County United Way; the United Way has already had a total community impact of $9,250,576, it’s amazing that as little as a $1 donation can make you a part of that impact.

There will be a table set up either in the forum or the cafeteria where the tickets and ducks will be sold throughout the day. Tickets will be sold now until March 3rd, which will be your last day to get a duck in the race. If you’re willing to spend $3 on a coffee, why not use that money to donate for a good cause? Stop by and enter your name into the race now!

Photos from previous years:


For more information feel free to contact myself or Professor Dudkowski who is in charge of this amazing event!

Danielle Lauricella:

Professor Dudkowski: or 585-343-0055 X 6390


Happy Halloween from GCC


This week GCC had a lot of fun activities to do for students. By Wednesday, every office at college decorated their doors for Halloween. During the day on Thursday, students checked out the Halloween Book-cart, and decorated their own sugar skulls and cookies. From 8pm to midnight, there was the Annual Boo Ball at Student Union! There was food serving, music playing, and so many students with costumes!


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

Door decorations by GCC staff

unnamed (8)

unnamed (9)

Students decorating their sugar skulls and cookies

unnamed (12)

unnamed (14)

Students having fun at the Boo Ball

There will be also a Halloween black light dancing party at the Root of College Village from 10 p.m. tonight! Have fun with that!

Happy Halloween!

Preparing for Fata Morgana


44e0f675764ac4587f283370bcfd3309It’s the beginning of April, and that means preparation is fully underway for GCC’s annual Spring fashion show. This is an event that many people at GCC look forward to all year. Students in Fashion and Event Planning majors have been working diligently to prepare for this event. This year, the students are working with the theme of “Fata Morgana”. This is a challenging but fun theme, and every student seems to have fully grasped the theme and is now working to utilize it. Decorations, outfits for the models, and door prizes are in the process of being completed. Students are now deciding exactly how to decorate in a way that will best fit the theme.

There is also a great deal of preparation involved in the food and beverages that will be served after each fashion show. Fata Morgana will take place on April 25th. There are two shows within this day. The first will be in the afternoon at 3:00 PM, and the second will be a nighttime show at 7 PM. There will be a reception with light food and beverages immediately following each show.

In addition, there will be various vendors at the reception for anyone wishing to make any purchases. Friends, relatives, fellow students and members of the community are all encouraged to attend the show and reception.

This blog was contributed by Emily Pelton.

Peter Cumbo: Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Creativity Conference


Untitled.jpgWe are thrilled to announce that the keynote speaker for the 2015 Creativity Conference will be Peter Cumbo, the Owner and President of Cumbo, Inc.

Peter is an award-winning producer, director, and editor. He has produced and directed commercial videos on location throughout North America and around the world, creating work for broadcast, digital distribution, and live events. Peter has done work for the iconic brand New Era Cap and some of the work that he has done for them was recognized on March 7, 2015 when Cumbo, Inc. won four Silver Addy Awards.

In addition to his work in media, Peter offers his expertise as an organizational consultant offering strategic advice, training and practical leadership to business. As a consultant, Peter’s goal is to create and sustain transformative moments, those in which the participants experience encouragement, inspiration, and improvement resulting in lasting change. Take a look at one of the video productions Cumbo, inc. was awarded for and don’t miss the opportunity to hear about the true power of creative thinking!

This blog was contributed by Business Administration Student Chelsey Breuilly.

Model Behavior


The 34th Annual Fashion Show at Genesee Community College is called “Fata Morgana”. For my part in the fashion show, I am working back of the house, as well as modeling in Ami Cornell and Kylie Dunn’s scene titled “Festival Haze”. As part of my back stage duties, I am responsible for helping dress the models and memorizing the order of the scenes, as well as cleaning up the back stage and dressing room area and keeping everyone back stage silent during the show. As for my role as a model, I will be featured in the scene “Festival Haze”, which was inspired by summer festivals, such as “Coachella”. I am extremely excited to not only have been asked to model but to also have the opportunity to participate both behind the scenes and on stage. I am excited to get to see all of the different viewpoints of the show, on the stage and off.

I feel that this is a very important experience that I can use, as I pursue a career in fashion. This experience will be something that I can use on my resume and gives me insight on different aspects of the fashion world. I have modeled previously for still photography, and now I have the opportunity to gain experience in backstage production and what is involved, as well as being a model on the runway. I hope that with this experience I will become more confident and use what I will learn in the future to come.

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Morgan Ripley.

GCC Creativity Conference


Leonardo Da Vinci and creativity go hand-in-hand. Often when someone hears the name Da Vinci the first thing that comes to mind is his art, however he was much more than a brilliant painter. Leonardo Da Vinci was a scientist, an inventor, and a person who created things far beyond his time. It seems only suitable that the Creativity Conference at GCC falls on April 15th, Da Vinci’s Birthday.  There will be a Leonardo Da Vinci display set up in the library and cake will be served in honor of Da Vinci and the celebration of creativity!

This blog was contributed by Chelsey Breuilly.



Its that time of year again! That’s right, the GCC 34th annual fashion show is right around the corner. I had the privilege of interning, and modeling for Alaina Shannon in her scene “Americana” in the 2014 GCC fashion show, Ethereal. I was able to get a taste of what it takes to participate in a fashion show. This year I am able to showcase my own fashion design skills. My scene is called “Bare by Jocelyn Eade”. Myself and my scene coordinator, Eunice GoEun Park, are excited to show what we’ve been working so hard on this year. I am grateful to have the opportunity to experience what it takes to produce a scene in a fashion show.

My main inspiration were colors we see in nature; the color palette is lavender, beige, black, and white. I grew up in the small town of Olean, New York which is just south of GCC. Growing up surrounded by nature has inspired me to put that into my clothing. For the Lavender pieces I was inspired by lavender fields, I love how peaceful they look. The beige pieces reminded me of fur, very soft and effortless. My black pieces were influenced by storms, a very sultry look. For my last color white, I was inspired by clouds. I want the audience to feel the inspiration when they see my clothes on the runway. Whether it’s the peaceful lavender, or light and airy clouds I want them to feel like they’re with nature. I’m looking forward to showcasing my designs in GCC’s fashion show “Fata Morgana” and to experience what it is like to be a designer in the fashion industry.

yoo.jpgThis blog was contributed by Fashion Design Student Jocelyn Eade.

“Steeling” The Method


The atmosphere in the technology building lecture hall at Genesee Community College was buzzing with anticipation on Wednesday February 25th. The marketing and social media expert, as well as best selling author, David Steel brought in an extremely attentive audience that far exceeded the number of seats in the house. It seemed that people were eager to hear what Mr. Steel would be preaching: how to best use social media and marketing to truly benefit the user.

David Steel is the chief viral officer of, a digital marketing agency, a division of The Steel Method. He is also the author of “The Care and Feeding of Highly Aggressive Sales People” and “Sneeze It–Don’t Just Say It Spray It.” His presentations have captivated audiences from New York to Nairobi, and most recently Russia.

Best selling author and marketing expert David Steel with GCC students Ariana Sneed and Ami Cornell

Best selling author and marketing expert David Steel with GCC students Ariana Sneed and Ami Cornell

I, along with fellow Fashion Merchandising student Ariana Sneed, had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Steel during his visit to Genesee Community College. Upon giving David Steel a short tour around campus we discovered that our school offered amenities that we may often take for granted. For one, David was left in awe of how clean our facilities were and complimented our maintenance staff many times throughout his visit. He also took notice of how friendly all of the faculty members of GCC were.

As far as keynote speakers go, David Steel comes highly recommended, and for good reason. He has a charismatic quality about him that is so genuine and intense that his audiences don’t just listen, they are hypnotized. He presents his audience members with the cold hard facts, and gives them the tools to achieve success by manipulating the seemingly rigid confines of social media and marketing.

One key aspect of David Steel’s presentation that seemed to resonate with the audience overall was idea that “Facebook is a marketer’s dream.” Businesses are able to use tools that Facebook has provided in order to find out their customer’s demographics through inputing their customer’s emails into the Facebook search bar. Mr. Steel even made reference to student and entrepreneur, Abby Wilcox’s budding cupcake business based out of Cooperstown, NY known as Coopcakes. He suggested that she could use this specific type of tool to market certain cupcake flavors to specific customers.

David Steel with President Sunser

David Steel with President Sunser

Perhaps the most influential statement I took away from David Steel’s presentation was, “the person who controls the conversation is the person who asks the questions.” I know for certain that everyone who has had the chance to hear Mr. Steel speak now knows how to ask the questions.

-Ami Cornell



A Fashion Show, an event at which collections of newly designed clothing are modeled for an audience. “Fata Morgana,” the theme for this year ‘s 34th Annual fashion show at Genesee Community College, is set for April 25th, 2015. As a fashion Design Student, I will take part in the vogue show presenting my own scene. This will be my second year participating in the event; last year I was a model in another design student’s scene. Last year’s show was such an engaging experience for me that I decided to create a vision for my own exclusive line.

This year I will produce my own scene entitled, “BRI~JHN,” which is a collaboration of my name, “Brittany,” and my little sister’s name, “Jhnae”. My little sister also served as an inspiration for my ideas; her personality is a mix of cool and unique and she has a style similar to the Olsen Twins, Rita Ora, and the fashions of the 1970’s era. The concept of my scene is Bohemian Baja, which includes garments with flowy elements, fringe, and loose fitting clothing with spunk. The fabrics that will be featured in my scene are lace, cotton, and jacquard, which are the top picks for the looks I’m going for in my show. The color palette I will be using will feature neutral tones with a pop of color. An example of this would be a navy blue garment with a hot pink accessory to give it a unique quality.

The image I want my audience to capture from my collection is “Dress Out Loud,” which is freedom of clothing, colors, and being true to you. I hope to have a successful show with my Design team. My goal is to show the world what “Beebe” has to offer, a fresh unique sense of self, and style.

This blog was contributed by Fashion Design Student Brittany Breedlove.