Model Behavior


The 34th Annual Fashion Show at Genesee Community College is called “Fata Morgana”. For my part in the fashion show, I am working back of the house, as well as modeling in Ami Cornell and Kylie Dunn’s scene titled “Festival Haze”. As part of my back stage duties, I am responsible for helping dress the models and memorizing the order of the scenes, as well as cleaning up the back stage and dressing room area and keeping everyone back stage silent during the show. As for my role as a model, I will be featured in the scene “Festival Haze”, which was inspired by summer festivals, such as “Coachella”. I am extremely excited to not only have been asked to model but to also have the opportunity to participate both behind the scenes and on stage. I am excited to get to see all of the different viewpoints of the show, on the stage and off.

I feel that this is a very important experience that I can use, as I pursue a career in fashion. This experience will be something that I can use on my resume and gives me insight on different aspects of the fashion world. I have modeled previously for still photography, and now I have the opportunity to gain experience in backstage production and what is involved, as well as being a model on the runway. I hope that with this experience I will become more confident and use what I will learn in the future to come.

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Morgan Ripley.

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