“Steeling” The Method


The atmosphere in the technology building lecture hall at Genesee Community College was buzzing with anticipation on Wednesday February 25th. The marketing and social media expert, as well as best selling author, David Steel brought in an extremely attentive audience that far exceeded the number of seats in the house. It seemed that people were eager to hear what Mr. Steel would be preaching: how to best use social media and marketing to truly benefit the user.

David Steel is the chief viral officer of Sneeze.it, a digital marketing agency, a division of The Steel Method. He is also the author of “The Care and Feeding of Highly Aggressive Sales People” and “Sneeze It–Don’t Just Say It Spray It.” His presentations have captivated audiences from New York to Nairobi, and most recently Russia.

Best selling author and marketing expert David Steel with GCC students Ariana Sneed and Ami Cornell

Best selling author and marketing expert David Steel with GCC students Ariana Sneed and Ami Cornell

I, along with fellow Fashion Merchandising student Ariana Sneed, had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Steel during his visit to Genesee Community College. Upon giving David Steel a short tour around campus we discovered that our school offered amenities that we may often take for granted. For one, David was left in awe of how clean our facilities were and complimented our maintenance staff many times throughout his visit. He also took notice of how friendly all of the faculty members of GCC were.

As far as keynote speakers go, David Steel comes highly recommended, and for good reason. He has a charismatic quality about him that is so genuine and intense that his audiences don’t just listen, they are hypnotized. He presents his audience members with the cold hard facts, and gives them the tools to achieve success by manipulating the seemingly rigid confines of social media and marketing.

One key aspect of David Steel’s presentation that seemed to resonate with the audience overall was idea that “Facebook is a marketer’s dream.” Businesses are able to use tools that Facebook has provided in order to find out their customer’s demographics through inputing their customer’s emails into the Facebook search bar. Mr. Steel even made reference to student and entrepreneur, Abby Wilcox’s budding cupcake business based out of Cooperstown, NY known as Coopcakes. He suggested that she could use this specific type of tool to market certain cupcake flavors to specific customers.

David Steel with President Sunser

David Steel with President Sunser

Perhaps the most influential statement I took away from David Steel’s presentation was, “the person who controls the conversation is the person who asks the questions.” I know for certain that everyone who has had the chance to hear Mr. Steel speak now knows how to ask the questions.

-Ami Cornell

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