Three Things To Visit On Your Summer Break Near Batavia, NY


What: Jell-O Factory Museum

Where: Leroy, NY

UntitledBirthplace of JELL-O

Original Advertising Art • Molds •Spoons • Toys •Collectibles • Recipe Books• Canadian Advertising Magazine Ads •  Package Inserts • Memorabilia

Why visit?

The Jell-O factory is a great place to learn about local history, and it is worth a visit to see what such a small town can hold.

What: Darien Lake Amusement Park

Where: Darien Center, NY

kWhy visit?

Darien Lake is full of fun rides and entertainment for all your summer needs and is a great way to fill up your day and get outdoors. They also host many concerts in the summer!

lWhat: Genesee Country Village and Museum

Where: Mumford, NY

Why visit?

Genesee Country Village & Museum features costumed interpreters in restored historic buildings, breathing life into an authentic 19th-Century Country Village. One of the largest living history museums in the country located just outside of Rochester, NY, in Mumford, it is also home to the John L. Wehle Gallery (following a major remodel) and a nature center. It’s a great way to get some interactive history knowledge

My Top Three Favorite Classes In The Travel & Hospitality Program


1. Geography

This class is definitely my favorite in the program! Professor Amy Slusser makes this class great by teaching about countries throughout the world. Her past experiences from traveling to 19 countries and the stories she has from these trips helps student understanding tremendously. Plus, you’ll definitely get a good laugh out of most of her stories. You will learn how to Study maps, capitals, attractions, and everything else interesting or critical to know about a country

2. Internship

An internship is required when studying in this program. There are so many opportunities to get an internship. I did my internship at a Country Inn and Suites in my hometown of Mt. Morris. It was a great experience. I was exposed to how a hotel works. Everything from housekeeping, front desk, kitchen, and laundry. It was very interesting to learn the specifics on how the room has to look and where you put the towels, to how you fold the pillow cases, and even how to check for bed bugs

3. Event Management

Every year the fashion program and the Travel & Hospitality program come together to form the annual fashion show and reception. The reception is organized by the Travel and Hospitality program’s Event Management class. From start to finish, this class prepares for the show that occurs at the end of April. There is a logistics team along with a design team that each possess their own duties on what needs to be accomplished.

This blog was contributed by Travel & Hospitality Management Student Marissa Truax.

A Legendary Show


This past Saturday, Genesee Community College hosted yet another incredibly successful fashion show. Fata Morgana proved to be one of the most exciting and creative fashion shows that GCC has ever seen. There was an afternoon show at 3:00 PM, and an evening show at 7:00 PM. Between those two shows, there were 1,640 people that attended.

Prior to the show, there was a great deal of preparation to be done by the Fashion and Event Planning students. Decorations, food preparation and rehearsals were all on the agenda Friday night. Many students worked late into the night to complete the final necessary touches.

Upon entering GCC to see the show, attendees had the option to purchase flower bouquets for any of the participants. Staying true to the theme, there were belly dancers who performed before the modeling began. After this ended, attendees had the opportunity to see firsthand what the GCC fashion students had been working on all semester.

Following the show, there was a reception for all attendees and models of the fashion show. This was put on by the Event Planning students. Everyone was able to enjoy the various foods, vendors and activities which were provided. Fata Morgana was a very well received and successful show. It was also an excellent opportunity for the students involved to learn skills which will be beneficial to them in the future.

This blog was contributed by GCC Student Emily Pelton



What is “Sandar”? Sandar is the Hindu word for beautiful; it was also the name of my scene in the 34th annual fashion show at GCC, Fata Morgana. My vision was that everyone comes from different backgrounds and we all have our own beauty. I chose a Hindu word because it links to me personally, as I was born in India. As you can see, this year I was lucky enough to have fourteen beautiful brides. I was originally generously given 17 dresses from Mary Ann Carr, owner of M.A Carr Bridal in Orchard Park.

Last year I was lucky enough to work with another student on the bridal scene. I thought that producing a scene on my own this year was going to be easy but, I was wrong. This year I originally had 24 models. Due to last minute complications with models I ended up with 14 girls and 5 guys. I was able to have a successful scene with the help of my intern, Maggie Gabalski.

I worked on choreography with the help of my paired couple models, who came up with cute poses to do with each other. I was never able get everything completely perfect due to models not showing up. My first rehearsal 9 out of my 24 models showed up. My second rehearsal I had 15 out of my 24 models there. I had friends step in for help as well as models walking a couple times. I also never had my models walk with their dresses on until Friday evening; even then we didn’t have everyone there. Thankfully my models that didn’t show up to all the rehearsals were able to learn the timing and walk on Friday’s rehearsals. I had to repeatedly extend my song to the point that it was almost a 6 minute scene.

The day of the show went a lot smoother than I expected. I started my day at 7 AM making my way to Dunkin Donuts to pick up two dozen bagels for my models. I had everyone but the guys show up at 8 AM for hair and makeup. Everyone looked like they were sleep-walking, models wore their hair in buns and were clad in sweatpants. Eventually everyone was in hair and makeup. Some models didn’t like their look, but no matter what they were going to match my vision whether they liked it or not. After lunch everyone was in a better mood.

By the time the three o’clock show started nerves were coming, not just for me, but everyone. We started the show a little later than we expected. I had my models and intern go backstage when we were called to go down while I waited for my other models from other scenes to come to our room to quickly get dressed. These three girls were literally run-away brides, running from the stage to the third floor back to the stage. We waited patiently for our scene to hit the runway. We finally were up. Everyone was still nervous and all I could say was “smile”. From the moment my first two models walked the stage I knew it was going to be an amazing scene. At the end of the scene I had my models walk out and then I followed. I remember last year I had a mini panic attack walking the stage but this year was so much easier. I remember seeing people I knew and waving at them from on stage.

After the three o’clock show I knew that the seven o’clock show would be just as great. I was right, this time I felt the show was even better. My models where a lot more relaxed, even though some of them didn’t do the most important thing, smile. I couldn’t be more proud of my models and myself. It was a long process but seeing my models on stage and having people congratulate me made it all worth it. “Sandar” could not have happened without M.A Carr Bridal, Jill Monroe, Charles Men’s shop, Mary Kay, my hair stylists, my intern, my models, and this school’s amazing fashion program.Untitled

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Lekha Anderson.

Dreams, Designs, and Dress Forms


As in previous years, PGM, the leading dress form manufacturer in the United States, has once again committed to supporting the growth of the aspiring fashion designers who attend Genesee Community College. PGM has made the generous donation of three dress forms to three design students with very promising futures. The winners of the dress forms are as follows: Ryan Welker, Amber Coan, and Cathy Morales.

All of the dress form winners are fashion design students who plan to continue pursuing their love for all things design at four year institutions in the fall. One of the winners in particular, Ryan Welker, plans to put his dress form to use while studying at Buffalo State College. When reached for comment, Ryan expressed nothing but gratitude for winning such an amazing prize, “I am really glad I won! I plan to further my sewing knowledge, and create beautiful garments with this dress form.”

Fashion Design students Ryan, Amber, and Cathy with their PGM dress forms.

Fashion Design students Ryan, Amber, and Cathy with their PGM dress forms.

Congratulations Ryan, Amber, and Cathy! We are all anxious to see the designs you create in the near future.

On behalf of the Fashion Programs at GCC we would like to extend thanks to PGM Dress Forms for the donations of these three dress forms to the fashion design students at GCC, as well as for the donation of additional dress forms to the program itself.

-Ami Cornell

Fata Morgana: Where Creativities Meet


As we finished the 34th annual Fata Morgana fashion show, all of the fashion students felt triumphant and relaxed. We shared various emotions, such as fear, anxiousness, excitement, nervousness, and accomplishment. These particular feelings are felt only by students who strived hard to prepare for the fashion show. It will be an absolutely unforgettable memory for all of us.

Fashion Merchandising student Kana Tatsumi modeling jewelry she made herself, and a dress by Fashion Design Student Abby Wilcox

Fashion Merchandising student Kana Tatsumi modeling jewelry she made herself, and a gown by Fashion Design Student Abby Wilcox.

In GCC’s 33rd annual fashion show, Ethereal, I was a model for Abby Wilcox. It was quite a good experience, but I only saw the surface of the fashion show. I did not know how hard showcasing a fashion show was. This year, I had the opportunity to work with Abby again as a jewelry designer and model. It was the first time I made suitable jewelry for luxury dresses. I struggled considering both the concept of the scene, Oasis, and the theme, Fata Morgana. The dresses of Oasis are classic and elegant in style, and the theme of Fata Morgana is inspired by exotic styles. This is why I was mostly inspired by ancient Egypt for my jewelry, and I mainly used interlinking chains. Using bunches of gold chains made my jewelry look luxurious and glamorous. The powerful success I have made for this show is the chemistry of exotic jewelry and classic dresses. I also considered the models’ appearance, height, the color of their hair, skin color, and eye color in order to make them look more stunning with my jewelry. I believe the twenty-one pieces of jewelry added a fascinating accent to the scene.

By participating as a jewelry designer and model, I gained technical skills both as a creator and a performer. Both experiences were priceless and allowed me to understand different perspectives. I am sure this opportunity will lead me onto a good career path as a jewelry designer. As a model, I think models’ posing, posture, and facial expressions can be a huge accent on a runway. Before the show started, I was thrilled with how beautiful all of the models were with classic dresses by talented designer Abby Wilcox, creative hair styles by David Gerard, amazing make-up by Amanda Marsala, and jewelry by myself. The fabulous work was finally created when all of the creativities met as one. I was so happy to work with many talented people. I really appreciated this opportunity and support I received from many people, because of this I was able to successfully complete the biggest project of my life thus far.
I am selling my jewelry on Etsy, and you can check out my jewelry brand, Jenny Minette, on Facebook via this link:


This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Kana Tatsumi.

My GCC Experience


Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.30.31 PMHello, my name is Sayo Watanabe, and I am from Japan. I have longed to study abroad in the United States since I was in junior high school. So, now I am glad that I have experienced a lot while studying at GCC. There are many great things that can happen to you as a result of studying abroad, the following are just a few things that I have experienced!

1. Become More Independent

I was dependent on my parents and friends for support while I was living in Japan. At first It was difficult for me to be on my own because it was hard for me to clarify my thinking and consider my own opinion. I did encounter situations that needed to be remedied while at GCC, but I tried to solve these problems by myself. Now, I have become an active person and I can act on my own feelings better than before.

2. Broaden Your Horizons

When I lived in College Village, my roommates were American, Korean, and Vietnamese. I experienced various cultural differences at that time. I may not have been able to experience that kind of diversity in Japan. Now I know foreign cultures, and have learned to accept individual cultures. This was a wonderful experience for me.

3. Meeting People

I’m lucky to have had a lot of fantastic professors, roommates, classmates, and friends. I am shy, and I am not great at having conversations with people. But, I was able to gain confidence and began talking to more people than before, because the people who I have met at GCC have all been friendly.

I have had a  variety of experiences while studying at GCC. I have learned the importance of cultural differences, self-improvement, and connecting to people. I believe that these experiences have led to the growth of confidence with myself, and it’s all because of my decision to study abroad at GCC.

This blog was contributed by GCC Student Sayo Watanabe.

Three Changes I’ve Noticed In myself Since Attending GCC


My name is Ayumi Fujita, and I am a GCC student majoring in Tourism & Hospitality Management. I have been at GCC for around two years now. I am proud to be a part of such a great program. I feel that I have gone through many changes during my life at college. I’d like to share these changes because I believe GCC is responsible for them.

1. Personality Change

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.01.06 PMOne of the biggest changes I’ve noticed in myself is in my personality. Before GCC, I was a shy person. I could not speak with people who I met for the first time; also I really disliked presenting because I could not speak out and felt embarrassed to stand in front of a classroom. However, there have been chances to speak out and present during my program at GCC. This has given me a lot of practice, confidence, and time to perfect my speech. I felt that my speeches were improving. Moreover, I could speak with other people because other GCC students are friendly,I enjoy talking with them!

2. Recognizing the Differences between Japanese and American people

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.02.03 PMI have a new point of view from living in a foreign country. Before I came to the U.S., I felt a little scared and nervous because my image of the U.S. was a little negative. However, I noticed it was wrong day by day. All GCC students and staff-members are kind. They are open minded, and talk directly to me. They always help me to study in order to make a better future for myself. I could comfortably spend time surrounded by great people at GCC.

3. I Became more Active

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.01.24 PMAfter coming to GCC, I became an active person because I joined many clubs and went on trips. I went to Niagara Falls, New York City, Washington D.C., Toronto, and Orlando with my friends. I never thought that I would have the opportunity to visit so many places, because I thought these places were too far from Japan. It takes twelve hours to travel from Japan to the U.S. by airplane. The U.S. is huge, and there are many attractive places I have never visited.  I would like to go on more trips and share my experiences with my friends and family.

Also, I became more independent throughout college because I have to do everything by myself.  For example, I moved to an apartment when I became a sophomore. The process was hard, but my roommate and I took care of everything ourselves.  It’s a precious experience for me and now I have confidence in myself.  I am sure these experiences will help me in the future.

This blog was contributed GCC Student Ayumi Fujtia.

A Show Not To Be Missed


Fata Morgana is just hours away! Final preparations and decorations are being made for GCC’s biggest event of the year. The stage is set, and decorations have begun to go up in the forum. Set up has also begun in the cafeteria for the reception that will immediately follow each show.

As well as refreshments at the reception, there will also be many vendors selling various items. This year, there are more vendors than ever before. Vendors selling jewelry, make up, and various gifts will all be a part of Fata Morgana. In addition, there are opportunities for guests to participate in activities. Perhaps the most exciting, and most fitting activity with the theme will be tarot card reading. This will be done by New Age Circle Club.

GCC will have two shows on April 25th. There will be an afternoon show at 3:00, and an evening show at 7:00. Friends, family and members of the community are all encouraged to attend. This is one show you do not want to miss!

This blog was contributed by GCC student Emily Pelton.

An Idea Becomes A Reality


Recently, the sophomore fashion students at GCC decided that they should create a t-shirt that would serve as an illustrative way of interpreting the Fata Morgana fashion show, not only for themselves but for the Tourism & Hospitality students as well. The problems faced with creating a garment that is innovative, stylish, communicative, versatile, and unisex are really quite visible; initially,no one could agree upon an idea. A plethora of designs were pitched, yet no one unanimously agreed upon a design that they would be proud to wear around the halls of GCC.

Fashion Design student Jocelyn Eade pictured with  her fabulous t-shirt design and Fashion Merchandising student Lekha Anderson.

Fashion Design student Jocelyn Eade pictured with her fabulous t-shirt design and Fashion Merchandising student Lekha Anderson.

Enter Jocelyn Eade, a talented sophomore design student. With two simple sketches, Jocelyn managed to provide a design that was everything that the fashion students were looking for. The shirts just arrived yesterday, and it was clear that everyone was overjoyed with the final result.

Special thanks to Brian Kemp at T-Shirts Etc for turning one student’s idea into a fantastic shirt, as well as to Jocelyn Eade for lending her expertise in design to such a challenge!

-Ami Cornell