How to Stay Organized Without Losing Your Mind


Sometimes students, in the craziness of everything we get overwhelmed and feel like we are about to lose our mind. Little do college students know that simply staying organized can make your life 10 times easier! Here are a few tips on how to stay organized so you can stay sane while in college.

  1. Use an Agenda!

I think people truly underestimate the power of an agenda. By using an agenda all of your assignments are in one place telling you what you need to get done. Personally I write down all of my things to get done in a checklist style and when I finish something I put a check mark, when I don’t I put an ‘X’, and if I only got through part of it I put a check mark with a dash through it, that way I can also keep track of what is already done and what I still need to do. My favorite kind of agenda has a calendar view for each month, along with weekly views with a big space to write whatever you please for each day. I use the 2017-2018 large agenda by!


Some of my other favorite agendas!

  1. Utilize Your Supplies the Right Way.

There are two systems I would recommend using to keep all of your handouts and homework tidy and organized, it’s really up to you to pick which one you prefer. My first system is one that I used in high school, mostly because my teachers preferred it and I got plenty of handouts; and that is to use a binder and dividers. I like this system to separate all of your papers into different sections and then all of your handouts and notes are in one place. However I don’t like how much space binders take up in your bag, but it is a great way to keep everything in one place. My other system which I use now is the folders and notebooks method. I use a different color folder for each class, and I use one 5 subject notebook and designate one section to each class. I find that folders are much smaller which leaves more room for me to fit other things in my bookbag. And I’ve found that in college you take more notes than you do receive handouts, so I would always recommend a notebook for any college course.


  1. Highlight, Highlight, Highlight.

I was never a huge highlighter in high school, not that I really read my textbooks in high school… But once I came to GCC and I learned that you actually do have to read the textbooks I started using the highlighting technique. It’s pretty self explanatory, but as I’m reading I will highlight key words, definitions, and anything I think is helpful. I’ve found that it not only helps me find what I’m looking for later on more efficiently, but it also seems to help me remember what I read better.

  1. Make To-Do Lists.

To-do lists is something I recently became obsessed with in the fall of 2016. I’m not sure exactly why it started but eventually I started to write down everything I wanted to do in a day from start to finish on a sheet of paper and as I got things done, the same as in my agenda, I put a checkmark next to it. I found that this helped keep me productive and motivated to get things done, and it also felt great to check everything off that I wanted to do in the day. This is different from what I do in my agenda because I mainly use my agenda for homework and work purposes, whereas my to-do list is a step by step overview on everything I want to do.

  1. Put Dates From Your Syllabi in Your Agenda

This tip will save you, and your grades. When students get their syllabi they typically throw it in their backpack, in the garbage, or to the back of their folder where it won’t be touched again. However your syllabi is also your kryptonite. Most professors give you a set schedule for when assignments are due; when you are lucky enough to encounter this, I recommend writing down all of the due dates along with the name of the assignment in your agenda or even just on a calendar view print out you can find on Google!

There are so many ways to simplify your life, and make your academic year easier for you, but the ones I’ve shared with you are some of my favorite and ones that I use everyday. I hope this helped you out,and may the odds be ever in your favor for the rest of the semester.

“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.” -Unknown



Be The Lucky Duck-The 9th Annual Ducky Derby!


Wouldn’t it be great to win some extra money right before spring break? Well I have a super easy and fun way for you to do that!

On March 9th at 12:30 in the pool at the Batavia campus, the 9th Annual Ducky Derby will be held. Prior to this date you can purchase a ticket and donate anywhere from $1 to $5, and when you donate you get a souvenir rubber ducky for your generous donation.

If your duck comes in first place you will win a percentage of the proceeds, and the ducks that follow will win a door prize. We have a lot of door prizes donated from local businesses. So even if you don’t win the cash prize, don’t be discouraged, you will still have the chance to win another prize!img_6912

$1 Duck – 10% of funds raised

$2 Duck – 20% of funds raised

$3 Duck – 30% of funds raised

$4 Duck – 40% of funds raised

$5 Duck – 50% of funds raised


All donations for the Ducky Derby are going to the Genesee County United Way; the United Way has already had a total community impact of $9,250,576, it’s amazing that as little as a $1 donation can make you a part of that impact.

There will be a table set up either in the forum or the cafeteria where the tickets and ducks will be sold throughout the day. Tickets will be sold now until March 3rd, which will be your last day to get a duck in the race. If you’re willing to spend $3 on a coffee, why not use that money to donate for a good cause? Stop by and enter your name into the race now!

Photos from previous years:


For more information feel free to contact myself or Professor Dudkowski who is in charge of this amazing event!

Danielle Lauricella:

Professor Dudkowski: or 585-343-0055 X 6390


The Moirai


The Moirai are better known as the Fates are three sisters that determine life of humans and gods. They are deities that rule the past, present, and future. Clotho is the spinner, who gives life. The next sister is Lachesis who measures the thread determining the life span of that person. Lastly, Atropos cuts the thread ending their life. The fates can see the future and are involved in many Epic’s. Many of which the epic hero of the tale tries to change their fate and defy the fates rulings. In the famous book Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles, Oedipus’ life is all determined by the actions his father took when he listens to the fates tale. They foretold that Oedipus was going to kill his father and to prevent this he left his son to die. In the end trying to prevent destiny didn’t work and the prediction still came true.


Elysium inspired many ideas but my friend Seong Choe and I are working on a scene together based on the Moirai. We are making five pieces each for a total of ten. I am focusing on the past and making gowns that reflect the Fates. I really want to convey thread as a theme in my clothing. My colors are going to be light and based on the spring season. I have also been inspired by Greek tapestries. The colors and styles are very rich and beautiful. I have begun sewing and it has been difficult. I really want to embroider designs by hand on the dresses. Trying to create original designs without a pattern to go off of or trying to fit it to specific people is very challenging. I know I have a bunch of work ahead of me but I know it will all pay off.

Author: Min Muchler

Twitter: @muchler_min

Instagram: @m_muchler

Getting Ready for the Fashion Show: PR


Hello, my name is Fuka Fujii.  Let me introduce what we are doing for the fashion show 2017: “Elysium”. There are five committees, which consist of: the front of the house, the back of the house, planning, finance, and public relations.

The PR committee is responsible for promotion and advertisement of the show.  This is the committee I serve on. This includes the design of the program, radio interviews, behind the scenes interview, and social media. These are some tasks what we are responsible for:

  • Set up a Snapchat filter for the day of the event
  • Working with graphic art students for posters
  • Spread the poster to local media outlets
  • Email to invitation to every student
  • Create strategies to advertise and bring audience to our show
  • Bring awareness to our show through promotion


 Currently, we are having graphic arts students make sample posters, and they are in the process of finalizing their hard work. So, our official poster is coming up soon! Let us know what you think of it.

Student Blogger: Danielle Lauricella


For my first blog post I’d like to give you as much information about me as possible, so you can really feel like you know me. My name is Danielle Lauricella, I’m a freshman here at GCC, and I’m in my second semester. I live in LeRoy, a small senior-pictown about 15 minutes away from Batavia. If you want to know more about why I’m here, my interests, and my hobbies, then keep reading!

For starters I’ll tell you why I’m at GCC. Right now my major is general studies, but I plan to declare my major in business administration or communications in the fall. After GCC I hope to transfer to a 4 year school; some of the schools I have been looking at are: SUNY Brockport, SUNY Geneseo, Daemen, and St. Bonaventure. I hope to get my associates degree here, my bachelor’s at whichever 4 year school I pick, and possibly continue my education to get a master’s degree. I hope to be the first in my family to walk the stage on graduation day and receive a college degree. I am very focused and driven on what I want, and I truly hope I can achieve all of these things.

Now, to get to know me a bit more personally, I’ll tell you some of my hobbies. I am a girl with a love for all different forms of creative outlets. In high school I was an art student, and pretty much the only thing I liked to make was black and white graphite portraits. I’m also a YouTuber, and often times when people hear this I get a lot of confusion. I’ve been interested in being a YouTuber since I was allowed to use a computer. I always played with the idea of of having my own channel, but never followed through because I worried about what other people would think. At the end of my junior year in high school I went for it, and ever since it has been something I love to do. I also have my own personal blog where I talk all things adult-ing, college, and just life in general; and I’m really excited to bring that to the GCC blog. I am also your typical social media crazed millennial, it’s not a lie when I say you can find me on almost any social media platform: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Linkedin. In my free time I’m most likely online shopping or watching Shameless on Netflix (10/10 recommend watching Shameless). As you can tell I have a lot of interests and hobbies, but I like that about myself because I never have a moment of boredom.

That is everything to know about me for now! I’m just your average college girl trying to survive the day to day struggles of being broke with way too many homework assignments and not enough coffee to get through it all. I really look forward to posting more, and sharing my thoughts and ideas with you all. Until next time.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde

– Danielle

Titans With A Twist


Titans in Greek mythology are descendants of Gaea and Uranus who gave birth to twelve titans, six males and six females. For this year’s fashion show, we have put a twist on the definition of a Titan.


Overall, Titans are the second generation of divine beings: the child of a god and goddess. For the show, instead of representing the twelve Titans, I decided to represent eleven different gods or goddesses walking down the runway with their Titan (kid). I decided to go with the kids scene for the show because my mother is the owner of a in home licensed daycare located in Medina, NY. I have always been around kids from my baby cousins to the daycare kids, that I have learned so much about them and how to work with them.

Some might think that working with a kid to put in the fashion show is too much work, but once you learn more about the kid and how to teach kids so they understand what is going on, it is not as hard as it seems. My idea of a mini me trend came when I was doing an assignment for one of my classes. The article I was reading talked about how the mini me trend is becoming more popular to this day. We see this trend with the mommy & me and daddy & me outfits. Celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and more strut around with their daughters looking like a mini version of themselves. Moms love the idea of matching with their daughters and this is why I wanted to bring this popular trend to our fashion show this spring.


I have already done a great deal of work to put this scene together. Since I am a merchandising student, I will be borrowing clothes from businesses to make my vision come alive on the runway. I am thankful for this opportunity as putting together this scene has really pushed me to work outside of my comfort zone and allowing me to reach my full potential. I saw this quote while researching information for my scene and it stated “Great things never come from comfort zones.” This statement will stay in the back of my head to remind me great things come to those who work hard and push themselves.

I would like to thank Bailey Johnson who is a fashion student at GCC for helping me create this scene. I hope everyone comes out to the show April 29th to see all the hard work the fashion majors at GCC are putting into this show.

Author: Dominique Hughes

Twitter: @domineek_h

Instagram: @domm_h

Do you wish you knew how to sew?



By Mariah Paddock, Marketing Intern for Director of Business Programs

Do you wish you could make cozy pajamas like these lovely girls are wearing? Well, you can!

GCC is introducing a NEW sewing class, there are two workshops offered:

– One 4-day workshop at Lima campus
  8:30-11:30 am Monday-Thursday
July 10-13, 2017

– Second 4-day workshop on GCC Batavia campus the following week
  8:30-11:30 am Monday-Thursday
July 17-20, 2017

The target audience is high school students interested in sewing, however adults could join in.

The price – $249
Includes all supplies and materials that will students keep.  No sewing experience or sewing machine required.

The workshop will encourage students to pursue sewing skills in the future as part of the Fashion Design track of the Fashion Business program.

For more information contact Donna Ehrhart at