Preparing for Fata Morgana


44e0f675764ac4587f283370bcfd3309It’s the beginning of April, and that means preparation is fully underway for GCC’s annual Spring fashion show. This is an event that many people at GCC look forward to all year. Students in Fashion and Event Planning majors have been working diligently to prepare for this event. This year, the students are working with the theme of “Fata Morgana”. This is a challenging but fun theme, and every student seems to have fully grasped the theme and is now working to utilize it. Decorations, outfits for the models, and door prizes are in the process of being completed. Students are now deciding exactly how to decorate in a way that will best fit the theme.

There is also a great deal of preparation involved in the food and beverages that will be served after each fashion show. Fata Morgana will take place on April 25th. There are two shows within this day. The first will be in the afternoon at 3:00 PM, and the second will be a nighttime show at 7 PM. There will be a reception with light food and beverages immediately following each show.

In addition, there will be various vendors at the reception for anyone wishing to make any purchases. Friends, relatives, fellow students and members of the community are all encouraged to attend the show and reception.

This blog was contributed by Emily Pelton.

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