Be The Lucky Duck-The 9th Annual Ducky Derby!


Wouldn’t it be great to win some extra money right before spring break? Well I have a super easy and fun way for you to do that!

On March 9th at 12:30 in the pool at the Batavia campus, the 9th Annual Ducky Derby will be held. Prior to this date you can purchase a ticket and donate anywhere from $1 to $5, and when you donate you get a souvenir rubber ducky for your generous donation.

If your duck comes in first place you will win a percentage of the proceeds, and the ducks that follow will win a door prize. We have a lot of door prizes donated from local businesses. So even if you don’t win the cash prize, don’t be discouraged, you will still have the chance to win another prize!img_6912

$1 Duck – 10% of funds raised

$2 Duck – 20% of funds raised

$3 Duck – 30% of funds raised

$4 Duck – 40% of funds raised

$5 Duck – 50% of funds raised


All donations for the Ducky Derby are going to the Genesee County United Way; the United Way has already had a total community impact of $9,250,576, it’s amazing that as little as a $1 donation can make you a part of that impact.

There will be a table set up either in the forum or the cafeteria where the tickets and ducks will be sold throughout the day. Tickets will be sold now until March 3rd, which will be your last day to get a duck in the race. If you’re willing to spend $3 on a coffee, why not use that money to donate for a good cause? Stop by and enter your name into the race now!

Photos from previous years:


For more information feel free to contact myself or Professor Dudkowski who is in charge of this amazing event!

Danielle Lauricella:

Professor Dudkowski: or 585-343-0055 X 6390


Buy a Duck – Not a Real One…


Not many people can say that they have a collection of rubber ducks, but at GCC, it’s not unusual to find students, faculty, and staff members sporting these funny rubber toys.

The Business Forum Club will be selling decorative rubber ducks in the cafeteria from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm on Wednesday February 26, Thursday February 27, Tuesday March 4, and Wednesday March 5.

Ducks are $1-$5, also earning you a chance to win 10-50% of the funds raised that benefit the United Way of Genesee County.


$1 Duck – 10% of the funds raised
$2 Duck – 20% of the funds raised
$3 Duck – 30% of the funds raised
$4 Duck – 40% of the funds raised
$5 Duck – 50% of the funds raised

GCC will host the sixth annual Ducky Derby on Thursday, March 6 at 12:30 pm in the pool at the Batavia Campus. Numbered ducks are set free, and with the help of a ‘current’ created by members of the Swim Team, the first duck that makes it to the end of the pool wins.

The race has become a fun tradition on campus with the Cougarettes cheering and helping celebrate the race while students, staff and faculty turn out to root for their favorite duck and support the worthy cause.

2013 Ducky Derby!


The 5th annual Ducky Derby fundraiser for United Way was a success! The contest was sponsored on March 7th, 2013. We raised a total of $1,821. Our first place duck was sold for $1 so the winner, Cathy Costello, received $182 while the remaining amount, $1,629, went directly to United Way. The race itself was fun and exciting, and the turnout was great!

A special Thank You goes out to:

Student Project Managers: Amber Sharick, Natalie Brown, Candice Cooper, Emma Peirick, Kelly Wetherby, and Maria Pia Camarra

Swimmers: Kylynn Bank, Jennifer Merle, Leah Staley, Chuck Malone, Nick DeFelice, Devon Phillip, and Gary Batchellor.

Swim Coach: Mr. Eric Fix

GCC Staff: Cheryl Young, Elizabeth Downie, Diane Marchese

GCC MarCom: Donna Rae Southerland, Michael Garrett, and Ilkia Solano

GCC Cheerleaders

GCC United Way Committee Members

GCC Student Activities Office

GCC Business Forum Club Members

GCC Faculty: Rick Dudkowski, Barb Shine, and Lauren Paisley

Door Prize Sponsors: Mr. Todd Plouffe, General Manager The Del Monte Lodge Hotel & Spa and Mr. Michael Horan, Assistant Manager, GCC Bookstore.

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Be the Lucky Duck in GCC’s 5th Annual Ducky Derby!

2012 Ducky Derby

2012 Ducky Derby

For the 5th year in a row, GCC is fundraising for United Way. The Ducky Derby is a fun and exciting way to raise money for United Way and at the same time, give money/prizes away to our ticket buyers. Last year, the students raised $2,500 so the winner of the Ducky Derby received a certain percentage of that money. This years event is Thursday March 7th at the GCC swimming pool at 12:30 p.m.

Along with your purchase of a ticket (duck), you’ll receive a souvenir duck!  You can purchase a duck at your own price:
$1= 10%
$2= 20%
$3= 30% (Percentage of fund raised amount for winning duck)
$4= 40%
$5= 50%
The first duck to reach the opposite side of the swimming pool is the winner. There will also be 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place ducks.

There are four project managers; Natalie Brown, Candice Cooper, Kelly Wetherby, Emma Peirick, and myself, Amber Sharick. For tickets, information, and/or participation, you can contact the above project managers, business students in the Business Forum Club, Mrs. Shine, Mrs. Paisley, or Mr. Dudkowski.