A Stylish Arrival


A few days ago, a large box arrived on the premises of GCC. This box was sent from the Buffalo David Bitton Showrooms in
NYC. Inside were a variety of clothing items from the Buffalo David Bitton Spring line. Due to the GCC fashion program’s
close relationship to Buffalo David Bitton, and more specifically, PR Director Diane Alexander, we have had the privilege to use new items from the Buffalo David Bitton in three of our fashion shows. From “Fashion Forward”, “Ethereal”, and now “Fata Morgana.”

FullSizeRender (15) 2This year the Buffalo David Bitton line will be featured in a music festival themed scene entitled “Festival Haze” which is being produced by Kylie Dunn and I. “Festival Haze” will embrace the best styles of Coachella and modernized free-spirit trends, and feature items from Buffalo David Bitton and Lord & Taylor. We would like to give continued thanks to Diane Alexander, and everyone at Buffalo David Bitton for continuing the tradition of featuring their product line on our runway, and everyone else involved in assisting in the production of our scene. We can’t wait to show all of you what “Festival Haze” and “Fata Morgana” have to offer!

-Ami Cornell

“Steeling” The Method


The atmosphere in the technology building lecture hall at Genesee Community College was buzzing with anticipation on Wednesday February 25th. The marketing and social media expert, as well as best selling author, David Steel brought in an extremely attentive audience that far exceeded the number of seats in the house. It seemed that people were eager to hear what Mr. Steel would be preaching: how to best use social media and marketing to truly benefit the user.

David Steel is the chief viral officer of Sneeze.it, a digital marketing agency, a division of The Steel Method. He is also the author of “The Care and Feeding of Highly Aggressive Sales People” and “Sneeze It–Don’t Just Say It Spray It.” His presentations have captivated audiences from New York to Nairobi, and most recently Russia.

Best selling author and marketing expert David Steel with GCC students Ariana Sneed and Ami Cornell

Best selling author and marketing expert David Steel with GCC students Ariana Sneed and Ami Cornell

I, along with fellow Fashion Merchandising student Ariana Sneed, had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Steel during his visit to Genesee Community College. Upon giving David Steel a short tour around campus we discovered that our school offered amenities that we may often take for granted. For one, David was left in awe of how clean our facilities were and complimented our maintenance staff many times throughout his visit. He also took notice of how friendly all of the faculty members of GCC were.

As far as keynote speakers go, David Steel comes highly recommended, and for good reason. He has a charismatic quality about him that is so genuine and intense that his audiences don’t just listen, they are hypnotized. He presents his audience members with the cold hard facts, and gives them the tools to achieve success by manipulating the seemingly rigid confines of social media and marketing.

One key aspect of David Steel’s presentation that seemed to resonate with the audience overall was idea that “Facebook is a marketer’s dream.” Businesses are able to use tools that Facebook has provided in order to find out their customer’s demographics through inputing their customer’s emails into the Facebook search bar. Mr. Steel even made reference to student and entrepreneur, Abby Wilcox’s budding cupcake business based out of Cooperstown, NY known as Coopcakes. He suggested that she could use this specific type of tool to market certain cupcake flavors to specific customers.

David Steel with President Sunser

David Steel with President Sunser

Perhaps the most influential statement I took away from David Steel’s presentation was, “the person who controls the conversation is the person who asks the questions.” I know for certain that everyone who has had the chance to hear Mr. Steel speak now knows how to ask the questions.

-Ami Cornell

Fata Morgana


With the fall semester coming to fruition, and the spring semester in our midst, planning for the annual fashion show has begun. This April, the annual fashion show at Genesee Community College will ring in its 34th year, and is expected to be the largest show yet! With that in mind, the Fashion students of GCC have curated a theme that will surely leave their audiences inspired. This year’s show will be entitled Fata Morgana. A Fata Morgana is defined as a rapidly changing and complex form of superior mirage/optical phenomenon that is seen in the narrow band right above the horizon.They determined Fata Morgana to be an excellent choice of theming for this year’s fashion show due to its timely mention in an issue of Women’s Wear Daily and the large presence of desert themes within the Spring 2015 clothing collections. The fashion students then related the idea of Fata Morgana to the cultural diversification of the widespread desert environments within the w10940620_10205918014689147_6156977377827682419_norld, and a fashion show like no other was born. Fata Morgana, the 34th annual fashion show at Genesee Community College will occur Saturday, April 25th, 2015. Explore the hashtag #GCC34FM to stay up-to-date on all things Fata Morgana!

If you’re interested in modeling in the Fata Morgana fashion show, tryouts will occur Wednesday, February 4th in T102 from 12-3 PM and Thursday, February 5th in the Forum from 12:30-2:00 PM.

If modeling isn’t really your “thing” and you wish to contribute your skills to/attend the annual fashion show at GCC please contact Ami Cornell at acornel4@my.genesee.edu or Ariana Sneed at asneed@my.genesee.edu.

-Ami Cornell

A Window Into Giving thanks


With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, many people will begin to consider what they are thankful for. For some, this may be the extra slice of pumpkin pie that they scarf down at the dinner table. I however would like to take this opportunity to state how thankful I am for everyone who has contributed to my success and well being at Genesee Community College thus far. If it were not for the careful guidance I have received from my professors, Professor Dudkowski and Professor Ehrhart, as well as from a variety of other faculty members at Genesee Community College, I would not be nearly as capable as I am today.

That being said, though Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks as the name suggests, some individuals view gathering for this holiday to be another instance in which a large family brawl may occur. These specific instances of family in-fighting at Thanksgiving dinner is what I drew my inspiration from for my latest window display at Charles Men’s Shop in Batavia. I came up with the concept of the display window acting as an actual window into a family home at Thanksgiving. I wanted it to appear as though that the men of the family had begun to fight just as the feast was beginning. I created a small table environment set with dinner utensils to give the Thanksgiving dinner feel, as well as decorated the window with Tulle fabric which acted as window curtains. I also dressed the mannequins in various stages of outerwear to suggest that a few of the men would be leaving shortly due to the fight. I had a lot of fun coming up with the concept of this window. I felt a little kooky creating such a descriptive back-story for a window display; however, Kristen and Don from Charles Men’s Shop informed me that the most successful window displays employ the same tactics.

I feel as though I’m developing a better understanding on how to create more successful displays through the use of color, balance, focal point, and even movement. I have also started attending a Visual Display class at GCC and have found that I am able to transfer many of the concepts I am learning directly into my displays at Charles Men’s Shop. I find that learning by doing inside and outside of the classroom at Genesee Community College is helping me to further my skills and better understand where I might be headed in the future.

A New Point Of View


Charles Men’s shop is a family owned and operated business that has been Batavia’s number one choice for fine men’s clothing since the store’s creation in 1947. The store has an excellent reputation within the local community, as well as within Genesee Community College. For these reasons, I was explicitly overjoyed when offered the opportunity to intern as a visual merchandising coordinator at Charles Men’s Shop. I considered this a great opportunity to improve my skills within designing window displays, as I am set to take the visual display class in the next eight-week session at GCC.

Maggie's First Window Display at Charles Men's Shop.

Maggie’s First Window Display at Charles Men’s Shop.

Before going into set up my first window display I had very little experience doing any task of this kind. I was terrified of failing or of letting anyone down. I researched hours-upon-hours, looking at different color palettes popular for fall menswear, as well as observing a variety of window displays online. I took advice from anywhere I could get it; I was told to find a theme or direction in order to make the execution of my vision easier. I also spoke to Maggie, a current freshman in the Fashion Business Merchandising program at GCC, and current visual merchandising intern at Charles Men’s Shop. Maggie had told me that her first window theme would center around indoor fall theming which she phrased as, “Antiqued fall elegance.” Maggie captured her vision perfectly within her window space.

I however took an alternate route. I executed a theme inspired by the outdoor beauty of fall and the sense of community it can create through local sporting events and other active interests. I received a plethora of support and guidance from the Men’s shop staff, Kristen and Don, as well as from my fashion professors, Professor Dudkowski and Professor Ehrhart. I was appreciative of any constructive criticism or suggestions they had for me, as I felt lost in this brand new world. I’m still finding my way when it comes to creating displays for Charles Men’s Shop; recently I took on the task of creating a table display as well.

My First Table Display at Charles Men's Shop.

My First Table Display at Charles Men’s Shop.

Though I find this job to be challenging, I am interested and excited to strengthen valuable and necessary skill-sets within myself. If it were not for the excellent professors and connections I have access to at Genesee Community College I may never had earned an opportunity of this caliber. I am incredibly grateful to have this chance to grow, and cannot wait to see where this opportunity takes me in the not-so-far future.

It’s Time to Get LinkedIn


Want to scare a college student? Just ask them: “What are you going to do after you graduate?” Nothing will get their palms sweating quicker; their eyes will enlarge to the size of satellites as they begin an internal monologue “oh god, what am I going to do after college, I have the degree but now what?” Exactly. Now what? When you’ve just recently graduated from college, finding a job in your professional field can be impossible. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), businesses planned to hire only 2.1 percent more college graduates from the class of 2013 than they did from the class of 2012. The future of college grads is looking bleaker than ever; however, there is no need to throw in the proverbial towel. There is hope for us all yet. As current college students it is time for us to build up our resumes and differentiate ourselves as much as we possibly can from other job candidates. We have increasingly become a social media and technology reliant society; the job application process has now become heavily focused on separating oneself from other applicants through the use of technology as well. With the use of the social networking site for people in professional occupations known as LinkedIn recent college grads have the opportunity to include all of the factoids about themselves that make them who they are in and outside of the workplace.

securedownload (3)

Jackie Vetrano helping a student with their profile

On Wednesday, Jackie Vetrano, the Web and Social Media Coordinator here at GCC, and John McGowan, career services coordinator at GCC, spoke to the Professional Sales class about how to make the LinkedIn profile the best reflection of yourself and use it as a tool to gain job offers in professional fields. Jackie and John told the class that the LinkedIn profile should be looked at as a supplement to your existent resume. Any photos posted on the LinkedIn profile page should be professional, especially the profile image that is used, as it serves as the first impression for potential employers and other people who browse through your profile. Other important points that Jackie and John went over include: editing the web link to your LinkedIn profile and making it simpler and easy to search for, using a professional email address (this means no xoxogossipgirl@aim.com email addresses, time to put them to bed), a personal statement that sells your skillset in an appealing way. Honors and awards received should not be overlooked as well; they provide employers with context of your provided skills and encourage follow-up inquiry if a job position is on the table. During the LinkedIn instruction, Jackie Vetrano told the students “ nothing is too trivial, you have infinite space, take advantage of it!” This is the beauty of LinkedIn, it’s a website filled with professionals, this is your chance to show-off; this type of opportunity should be taken seriously.

With the use of LinkedIn, and people like Jackie Vetrano and John McGowan who are grooming college students to make themselves standout on these social media platforms, GCC graduates will have a much easier time finding careers in the professional fields of their choosing. So it’s time for everyone to get LinkedIn and link up!