It’s Crunch Time!


There’s only a few days left until Fata Morgana, but no one can relax just yet. Designers are pulling all-nighters putting the last touches on their garments, models are practicing their walks and poses in sky high heels until their feet are sore, and scene coordinators are perfecting hairstyles and makeup looks for each model with their hair and makeup artists.

All of the different committees have been running around trying to perfect everything last-minute, too. On top of all of this, we are all taking at least four other classes that demand a large amount of time themselves. Since we are nearing the end of the semester, we all have final projects and papers to write for other professors. It’s not just crunch time for getting everything for the show done; we are also rushing to get other work for other classes done!

One way I handle all the course work that is given, is by doing all of the work ahead of time. I take six classes and for all of them I have my assignments done ahead of time. Doing this really helps me because I know I will be prepared for my classes and with all of that work done I can focus on other projects, like Fata Morgana. There have been times where I did not want to do any of my homework, but then I remembered all the times when I didn’t do my work and was even more stressed out as a result.

All of your responsibilities catch up with you fast once it’s the end of the semester, but it’s important to remember not to give up. Putting off responsibilities or haphazardly finishing them will set the tone for the rest of your college career, and your career once outside of college. As Lailah Gifty Akita said, “You are the only person that can create the future you want.”

This blog was contributed by Fashion Student Paige Henderson.

My Role Within Fata Morgana


As many of you may know, there are only seventeen more days until the fashion show that everyone has been working so hard to produce. Designers have been finishing their last garments, and merchandisers as well as designers are busy with rehearsals and finalizing their scenes in order to ensure success. The hospitality students are busy working on the Fata Morgana reception, hand making all of the decorations, and making it look like you have stepped into a middle eastern marketplace.

But where did my interest in fashion begin? It all started back when I was a kid. I loved seeing the Oscars’ Red Carpet and seeing all the actresses “glammed-up” with their dresses and accessories. Then I thought, “hey, I’ve always had a creative mind.” I wondered what it would be like to design for my favorite actresses who win Oscars for roles that they’ve played.

As a part of producing the 34th annual fashion show, Fata Morgana, I serve as part of the Back of the House Committee. My job is to make sure that all of the dressing rooms are set up the Friday before the show. The next thing we must do is make sure that all models are getting their hair and makeup done by ten A.M. on Saturday, April 25th. Next, we must make sure we know the scene lineup in order, and make sure before Show Time that no models have gum in their mouths, because in the world of modeling, it’s unprofessional. Being a part of back of the house is very important because we take care of the things people don’t see to ensure that this fashion show is planned accordingly and people have a fun and enjoyable experience.

Designer, Candace Cooper, and Coordinator, Ariana Sneed, during the Ethereal Fashion Show

Designer, Candace Cooper, and Coordinator, Ariana Sneed, during the Ethereal Fashion Show

I had the pleasure last year to intern for the best scene of the 33rd annual fashion show Ethereal. The scene name was called ÉCLAT XXIIV and the head designer was GCC superstar Candace Cooper and coordinator Ariana Sneed. Interning for that scene gave me a lot of experience to see what it was like first-hand to produce a college level fashion show. The day of the show I did whatever Candace or Ariana needed me to do because I knew how important the show was to Candace and how much work she had put into her scene. I remember that she was in the sewing room day and night working on her pieces, and I could understand why it was so important.

My next role in producing this year’s fashion show, Fata Morgana, is being on an interning team for Da-vid Simmons. Her scene is called Inevitable, which means certain to happen or unavoidable. The garments featured will be merchandised women’s clubwear clothing. My roles as far as helping DJ is to help her with whatever she needs the day of the show and to assist during rehearsals as well. When it comes time for the show I’m going to make sure that Inevitable truly is one of the best scenes because I have the pleasure of being friends with the head coordinator Da-vid and I know how important the success of this scene is to her.

Fashion to me is everything. It’s the career I want to have and pursue. Fashion is about being trendy but having the ability to have your own style too, which I think is important for everyone to have. I know that once we (the whole production class) take our bow we will know that we helped in making the 34th annual fashion show a huge success and weights will be lifted off of our shoulders.

My future plans after GCC involve transferring to Buffalo State in order to study Fashion merchandising. In the summer I plan to develop scene ideas to present and hopefully get the chance to produce one for the 2016 Buffalo State fashion show.

This blog was contributed by Fashion Student Patrick Szpylman.

Fata Morgana: The Power Of Community


As the 34th annual fashion show at GCC is coming up, everyone is putting things together in order to make certain that the show is a stunning success.

I participated in the 33rd annual fashion show at GCC by assisting with make-up. In this role, I experienced the chaos behind the runway, but it was so much more to showcase the whole show to the audience. The most important thing that I have learned from the first day of fashion production class until this moment, is the power of community. When the class started, everyone had amazing presence on their own part and tried to showcase the best of their talents for the sake of our originality, creativity, and success of the show. People not only worked on their own scenes but also held responsibilities as a committee member for the show. To get to this level of strength, we needed a strong sense of community; there is no success without the cooperation of this community. The selection of the theme of the show, poster design, runway design and all of the decorative items were discussed and decided by our community named Fata Morgana.

This year, I have the wonderful opportunity of working as a coordinator for the scene “BARE by Jocelyn Eade.” I worked tirelessly to earn this opportunity, and I have learned how to find which people I work best with, as well as how to be organized and coordinate things well in a short span of time, and how to assist my group within the best of my capabilities. As a coordinator, I take responsibilities for the arrangement of meetings, announcements, and all other communications for the  “Bare” scene. This pleasing burden I currently carry on my shoulders has allowed me to break out of my comfort zone, perform the best I can on my part, and become a better person for the communities I belong to.

I strongly believe every mistake and hardship “team Fata Morgana” faced was worth it for the success of the GCC 34th annual fashion show, Fata Morgana. I am so pleased to be part of this community and showcase this tremendous fashion show. Yes, the show is coming up. Only twelve days until the audience will be amazed for Fata Morgana!

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Eunice GoEun Park.

Blooming Onstage


The day of GCC’s 34th annual fashion show, Fata Morgana, is coming up on April 25th. The theme Fata Morgana is inspired by beautiful deserts. However, the direct meaning of a Fata Morgana is a mirage. A mirage changes rapidly and shows us different views, and sometimes may bring unpredictable materials. Similar to a mirage, we will provide individuals with a rapidly changing view as each color of the desert blooms onstage.

For last year’s fashion show, I was in charge of the Front of the House committee. As a part of this committee, I watched and experienced many things. I was amazed to see the world that GCC students were able to create. Now, we’ll be the ones creating, and will provide viewers with a stage set to show a more fabulous world. This year, I am a part of the Front of the House Committee once again, and will support and contribute to the success of the fashion show fully. I am happy to contribute to the stage yet again as a part of this group of fashion students.

Our fashion show is coming in just a couple of weeks, and we are making steady progress in our preparations. The success of the fashion show will be made by not only our efforts, but also the audience member’s reactions while watching the show. Please don’t miss this moment! We look forward to showing you all what we have to offer.

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Kaho Sugisawa.

Beast To Beauty


yoThe 34th Annual Genesee Community College Fashion show, Fata Morgana, is inspired by the beauty of the desert. What better place to find inspiration between the hot sand, the blazing sun, and the beautiful colors that stretch over the endless sky?

Together Sara Elliot and I have created Transcendence, meaning to go beyond or exceedingly ordinary limits. This scene will bring something new to the Annual Genesee Community College Fashion Show that has never been seen in the thirty-three years the fashion show has been running; a scene completely dedicated to costumes.

The inspiration of the scene is hidden among the dunes of endless sand and shrubs that grow in the deserts of the world. In the desert, not always seen but always there, are the plants and creatures that call the desert home.

kkkThese animals include the armadillo, the pangolin, the rattlesnake, the echidna, and more. In Transcendence, each costume is inspired by a plant or animal that inhabits the desert. The scene is also inspired by the cultural life of several deserts through the styles of the designs and the fabrics and prints used. With a combination of original designs, cultural flare, and bold prints, this is a scene that will turn desert beasts to beauties.

This blog was contributed by Fashion Design Student Angelique Porey.



With exactly one month left until the 34th annual GCC Fashion Show, titled “Fata Morgana,” one could say the fashion majors have been stricken with anxiety, excitement, and disturbing amounts of caffeine. We no longer understand the meaning of sleep and those relaxing midday talks with our friends over lunch are but a distant memory.

I am no survivor of this epidemic. As a solo scene coordinator for the opening scene I have a lot riding on my shoulders. On top of planning memorable choreography and being a member of the Back of House committee, I am also designing and producing ten unique outfits to send down the runway. The stress level is intense and sleep deprivation has already ensued. Though it is easy to focus on the negatives, the positive vibes heavily outweigh my inhibitions. I’ve known since I was eight years old that I wanted to spend my life as a fashion designer and nothing has changed my mind thus far.

20150322_011838My scene’s title is “Battlefield,” and is motivated by life’s obstacles and the strong women who overcome them. Whether it was illness, the loss of a loved one, or a break up, everyone has conquered something, making them a warrior in life’s battlefield. Much of the artistic inspiration came from personal photographs taken in the Arms and Armory department of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was taken back by the intricacy and attention to detail in each and every piece. Aesthetically, my pieces are very simple and I don’t accessorize, as to not take away from my art. This contradicts the very things that attracted me to my inspiration, but I see it as taking the best parts of my muse and making them mine. Each outfit has a gold piece to symbolize the daily armor we all wear as protection from pain, loss, and vulnerability. I truly believe that I am more than a fashion designer, I am an artist and everything I do should have meaning behind it.

I’ve never been more proud of myself than with the work I’ve done so far in the fashion program. Tears of relief, happiness, and nostalgia will follow my last model off the runway as I step onto it myself to thank all of those who have supported me. What a fantastic way to end my last year at Genesee Community College.

This blog was contributed by Fashion Design Student Amber Coan.

minuit désert


The Genesee Community College 34th annual fashion show is something special to me. This is the third time that I’ve participated in the GCC fashion show as a fashion student. In January 2013, I came to GCC from Japan to study fashion business.

My first year I had the opportunity to be a model for Candace Cooper’s scene. In my second year, I worked as a dresser for Abby Wilcox and Quintessa Wallace’s scene. During those two years, I learned that a fashion show consists of more than the flawless runway that attracts so many people. You can never imagine what the backstage is like unless you are there. And now, this year, I have the opportunity to work as a coordinator for designer Tiffany Hill. Our scene is called “minuit désert” which means midnight desert in French. I am very excited about doing this as my final project for my fashion course because this is what I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was in Japan.

Happily, Tiffany trusted my judgements and decisions in finding models, a makeup artist, and a jewelry company. which was easier than I thought.

Na’kaylas Jewelry Box

Na’kaylas Jewelry Box

New to the GCC fashion show this year is Na’kaylas Jewelry Box. This jewelry company is run by an amazing woman, Mishay Linthecome, who recently started her own business. As an employee, Mishay has used ambition and dedication to help other businesses build success and popularity. She soon realized that she could implement those same skills to her own company to help build success and popularity of her own. Out with the old, in with the new came to the New Year and in January of 2015 Mishay launched her very own jewelry company. The name of the company was inspired by her daughter. I cannot wait to present this collaboration with Na’kaylas Jewelry Box and T. Lashaé!

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Chiho Nakayama.



Its that time of year again! That’s right, the GCC 34th annual fashion show is right around the corner. I had the privilege of interning, and modeling for Alaina Shannon in her scene “Americana” in the 2014 GCC fashion show, Ethereal. I was able to get a taste of what it takes to participate in a fashion show. This year I am able to showcase my own fashion design skills. My scene is called “Bare by Jocelyn Eade”. Myself and my scene coordinator, Eunice GoEun Park, are excited to show what we’ve been working so hard on this year. I am grateful to have the opportunity to experience what it takes to produce a scene in a fashion show.

My main inspiration were colors we see in nature; the color palette is lavender, beige, black, and white. I grew up in the small town of Olean, New York which is just south of GCC. Growing up surrounded by nature has inspired me to put that into my clothing. For the Lavender pieces I was inspired by lavender fields, I love how peaceful they look. The beige pieces reminded me of fur, very soft and effortless. My black pieces were influenced by storms, a very sultry look. For my last color white, I was inspired by clouds. I want the audience to feel the inspiration when they see my clothes on the runway. Whether it’s the peaceful lavender, or light and airy clouds I want them to feel like they’re with nature. I’m looking forward to showcasing my designs in GCC’s fashion show “Fata Morgana” and to experience what it is like to be a designer in the fashion industry.

yoo.jpgThis blog was contributed by Fashion Design Student Jocelyn Eade.



untitled (27 of 50)Tiffany Hill: outgoing, talented, strong, and beautiful are all words that have been commonly used to describe me as I was growing up, until now. As a child I had two dreams, the first was to
become a first grade teacher and the second was to be a fashion designer in New York. Unfortunately as a child I had already defeated myself because I decided to strive to become a teacher, constantly telling myself that becoming a designer
would be competitive and too difficult. As I got older, there was just something about fashion that I could not stay away from. Every time someone would see me they would ask, “Are you a model?” or they would tell me, “You need to be in fashion school”. Hearing people say these things made me dig deeper into finding out what was my actual dream and purpose. Now, as a proud student at GCC I can definitely say that I am following my dream and purpose as an upcoming designer working towards producing my own clothing line.

With this dream I have many visions, my clothing line being one. My logo was recently designed by someone who is like a family member to me, Justin Smith. He designed a logo that best fits me. The T stands for Tiffany and LaShaé is my middle name. T.LaShaé to me is classy, sophisticated and represents high fashion.

In this year’s Spring 2015 fashion show, I have the honor of bringing my scene to life on the runway. The name of my scene is Minuit Désert, which is in French, translating to midnight desert. I have such an amazing team that I am working with. My Co-Producer is Chiho Nakayama, my intern is Shantina Brewer, hair will be styled by Cosmetologist Mary Valenti, make-up will be by Professional MUA Monti Mccoy, and my Dressers are Hailey Rizzo and Matthew Wagner. Lastly, I am very thankful to be working with a jewelry company, Na’kaylas Jewelry Box, which is helping bring our vision to life with the beautiful pieces that will be incorporated within our scene. Minuit Désert by T.LaShaé is bringing life and something different to the runway, we cannot wait to see you all at the fashion show!

This blog was contributed by Fashion Design Student Tiffany Hill.



My name is Sara Elliott and I am currently a sophomore in the Fashion Merchandising program at Genesee Community College. I am extremely excited and proud to be a part of such a successful program, and feel privileged that I will soon join the ranks of other fashion graduates from GCC. This year marks the 34th year that GCC has hosted the largest fashion show in western NY and my role in this years show titled Fata Morgana is Front of the house committee as well as have a scene with Fashion design student Angelique Porey titled Transcendence. So, in Great representation of Fata Morgana come experience the ultimate transcendence from human to creature in our own interpretation of a superior mirage.

Join us Saturday April 25th for Fata Morgana: Genesee Community College’s 34th annual fashion show. Tickets are $5 pre-sale and $7 at the door. Show times are at 3pm & 7pm.

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Sara Elliott.