Beast To Beauty


yoThe 34th Annual Genesee Community College Fashion show, Fata Morgana, is inspired by the beauty of the desert. What better place to find inspiration between the hot sand, the blazing sun, and the beautiful colors that stretch over the endless sky?

Together Sara Elliot and I have created Transcendence, meaning to go beyond or exceedingly ordinary limits. This scene will bring something new to the Annual Genesee Community College Fashion Show that has never been seen in the thirty-three years the fashion show has been running; a scene completely dedicated to costumes.

The inspiration of the scene is hidden among the dunes of endless sand and shrubs that grow in the deserts of the world. In the desert, not always seen but always there, are the plants and creatures that call the desert home.

kkkThese animals include the armadillo, the pangolin, the rattlesnake, the echidna, and more. In Transcendence, each costume is inspired by a plant or animal that inhabits the desert. The scene is also inspired by the cultural life of several deserts through the styles of the designs and the fabrics and prints used. With a combination of original designs, cultural flare, and bold prints, this is a scene that will turn desert beasts to beauties.

This blog was contributed by Fashion Design Student Angelique Porey.

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