Read this before you register for a class!


I have taken a lot of classes at GCC and I have learned a thing or two from my mistakes. I wish there are things I would have done before registering for a class, costing hundreds of dollars. Instead of, leaving important decisions and consequences of signing up for a class to fate!  Spring Registration begins October 1st.

  • Speak with your Academic Advisor and Success Coach

You might think it is a hassle and a waste of time to schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor and success coach but trust me it is important to meet with both the academic advisor and success coach. This is, especially true, for International students. You will be wasting a lot more time and banging your head in frustration when your advisor messages you that you did not sign up for the right class. Meet with your advisor even if you know your degree requirements because you can find a lot more information about your future classes, instructors who would be offering your classes and other academic activities. Your advisor and success coach also have a wealth of other resources that can help you. Message your advisors if you have any questions or if you are too busy to schedule an appointment to meet in person.

  • Meet with the Instructors in person before you sign up for a class

It is extremely important to meet with the instructors in person before you sign up for a class unless you want to be miserable for the rest of the semester and waste hundreds of dollars and your valuable time. You will get an idea how your instructor is when you meet with them in person to discuss their class requirements and expectations. A lot of students are excited to sign up for a new major or class. However, they are quickly disappointed and surprised when they do not like their instructors after they start a class and are half-way between the semester and it is too late to drop the class. Hence, they are stuck with an instructor and a study style they do not like. There are several instructors offering the same classes. Pick the instructor with whom you best get along. Ask your instructor how and why certain students perform poorly in their class. Your instructors can give you valuable advice to ensure your success.

  • Read the description of classes online before you sign up for a class

Carefully read the description of each class before you register for these classes. Check how much time you need to spend on each class before you sign up for additional classes. International students with no financial aid must purchase their books ahead of time during winter and summer break. Double-check what other additional materials you will need for a certain class. Try to use Schedule Planner to organize your time and classes.

  • Speak with students who have already taken those classes with a certain instructor

Students who have already taken classes that you are about to take are a bundle of resources that you must utilize. However, do not be persuaded by the opinion of just one student. Speak with multiple students, including students who have dropped the class. Learn from the mistakes other students have made.

  • Check if you accidentally qualify for another certificate

A lot of classes and degree requirements are very similar. For example, both the Nursing Program and Respiratory Care program have similar prerequisites. Health studies certificate and child care certificate have similar classes. You may have to take one or more additional classes to earn another certificate. Hence, carefully select your classes. Additional certificates can boost your resume.

May the force be with you!  Happy Spring Registration!


About Taking Winter Classes



Welcome back college, everyone! I hope you just had a nice break and got ready for spring semester. In the first day of college, I’d like to share about my experience in winter taking classes online. I heard many students are afraid to take classes in a quick term online, so I wanted to tell you something about taking winter classes.

In order to graduate in May, I decided to take two classes in winter. They were Business Communications (BUS 106) and Female Role in Film (CIN 242). They’re both 3 credits courses. CIN 242 could be a class for your humanities class. Both of these two classes could be your elective class.

First of all, you are right to know there’s a lot of work for a winter class because most of the winter classes are still 3 credits classes. The time you will get to finish the winter classes is about 3 weeks, which means it is a lot of work. Therefore, the first suggestion I’d like to offer is “never procrastinate”. For my BUS 106 class, I had 4 homework assignments, 4 quizzes, and 1 project every week. For my CIN 242 class, I had about 4 homework assignments and 1 essay quiz every week, and 1 final project which we needed to work for it every week. Compared with a normal class in fall or spring semester, this is a lot more work. But you will also get a lot more time in winter. The second suggestion I’d like to share is “manage your time”. The homework is usually divided by weeks. In the beginning of the classes, I printed out the homework deadlines and hanged them up on the wall next to my desk. Checking the schedule out every day and following it well helped me out from these two classes very well. Also, the last suggestion I have is “communicate”. Professors are really nice to talk to, and they’re always there for you while you’re taking winter classes. You’ll also have the discussion board to ask any question to your classmates. As an international student, I worked this out well. So it shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

Talking about what classes to take, there are not many classes, but enough and useful. In Winter 2015, there were business administration, cinema, English, geography, health education, history, math, meteorology, music, and sociology. I chose BUS 106 as my additional elective class and CIN 242 for my humanities class. From what I’ve known, it would be a great idea to have ENG 101 as your English class, GEO 101 as your world civilization class, SOC 101 as your social science class, or some health education classes as your health/PE/ATH class. These are most likely required classes for many students, and it is not too difficult to take them online.

Hopefully, you feel not afraid of winter classes anymore and have some ideas about what to take next winter if you need to. You need to know what classes you have to take. How to check your classes: Login into Genesis – Banner Self-Service – Student Services – Registration Menu – DegreeWorks-Run a Degree Audit. You’ll see all the classes you’ve taken, future classes you have to take, and what classes you might want to take. Then, you can look up for your classes, and add or drop your classes online also under Registration Menu. All the classes you have to take are shown under your Degree Works. Just remember to check the requirement first and talk to your advisor always.

I hope this is helpful. Wish you a great semester! Lastly, never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is a thief of time.


Start to Register Your Spring Classes!



Fall 2015 is officially done today! If you don’t have any final exam to take next week, you’re probably already at home relaxing! But please don’t forget to register your classes for spring. Spring 2016 is my last semester here so I’m graduating in May. Here’s some idea I want to share with you about registering classes.


First, you need to know what classes you have to take. How to check your classes: Login into Genesis – Banner Self-Service – Student Services – Registration Menu – DegreeWorks-Run a Degree Audit. You’ll see all the classes you’ve taken, future classes you have to take, and what classes you might want to take. Then, you can look up for your classes, and add or drop your classes online also under Registration Menu. When you came to GCC, you took a test first about your English, reading, writing, and math skills. If you’re under the college level, you have to take classes to be ready for college. For example, you need to finish ENG or ESL 092 to get ready for ENG or ESL 100. Then, you’re going to take your ENG 101. Next, you’ll go to take ENG 102 or 105. All the classes you have to take are shown under your Degree Works. Just remember to check the requirement first.

Hammond copy.jpg

Second, you need to find out what classes you want to take as an elective class most likely. There’re a lot of classes which are interesting and exciting here. I can share some experience with you about what classes I’ve taken.

  • FYE 100 – First Year Experience or Foundations Academic Success. This course is one of classes I took when I just came here. It was really interesting and helpful! When I still knew nothing about American universities and GCC, this class taught me everything. My professor was Dr. Tom, who is a really nice person. After this class, I got my plans for my next 3 semesters, which was a motivation for me to graduate in 4 semesters. There’re 3 sections for FYE in Spring 2016 and they’re still open. Check this out!
  • ART 123 – Ceramics 1. This is a very good choice if you need to take an art class. Ceramic is such a fun to play with, and this course is a very relaxing class! I took this class with Ms. Dugan in my second semester, and she was such a sweet professor! She still has 4 open sections in Spring 2016. Start it now!
  • CPS 101 – Introduction to Creative Problem Solving. This is a course I take this semester and it’s just done. This is really helpful for you to build your creativity. I used to think I’m not a creative person, but I believed I am a creative person after this class. You just need to find a way to be! There’re 2 sections at college and 2 online classes in spring.
  • CEP 101 – Career and Educational Planning. This is a class I’m taking in spring. I’m still taking this course with Dr. Tom, and I’m pretty sure this will be also a really amazing class! Our class section is already full, but there’re still 4 sections at college and 3 online sections open for you in spring. If you’re graduating in Spring 2016 just like me, you probably want to check this out.
  • COM 120 – New Communication Technologies. Are you interested in social media networks? Do you really know how to use them? Or do you need to use them in your future career? This is a new class next semester by Ms. Bello. There’s only 1 section open and it’s at 11am on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s going to be a fun class!


Last, manage your time. Time is everything in college! You fall asleep for couple minutes in class, and you’re probably missing the most important part today or your homework this week. You decide to delay your homework several times, and you might be failing this class soon. If you want to graduate in 2 years, basically, you need to take 6 courses for 3 semesters and another 5 courses for the other 1 semester. I know to keep attendance for 6 classes is hard because that’s what I’m also always struggling. My solution for this problem is to take online classes. When you’re taking 6 classes, to take 1 or 2 online classes is a really good idea, unless you have trouble taking online courses. Pain is temporary, but GPA is FOREVER! And if you have any trouble, always remember to talk to your professors and your advisor! There’re so many people helping you here.


Stop procrastinating! Go to register your classes now, so you won’t miss your classes you need or you want. Good luck on your final papers and final exams! Also, have a nice break! I’ll see you next semester.


How To Choose A Major



– Follow These Seven Steps! –

I’m Ami Tanaka and I’m currently pursuing a degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management at Genesee Community College. I’m from Nagasaki, Japan. Everyday, I have a wonderful time at GCC with professors and friends! I am really excited to learn, and love my major. Deciding your major is one of the most important steps before you begin college life. Also, it is directly related to your future career, so you should decide it carefully. Today, I will introduce “how to decide on your major”, based on my experiences. I hope it will be helpful when you decide on your major!

  1. Consider Your Passions, Interests, And Values.

Untitled4.jpgThink beyond hobbies such as sports or musical instruments. Think about the impact that you want to make on the world and the legacy you want to leave behind. Are you passionate about business? Do you want to save the environment? Are you an artist? Do you love math? Do you want to be a doctor? Keep in mind that not only may your interests change over the next four years, but that technology and the economy are constantly changing.

2. Think Of Your Favorite Subjects And Classes In High School. 

Untitled3.jpgWhich classes were the most exciting and inspiring to you?Consider which classes you performed the best in. “Easy A” classes don’t count; think of challenging and comprehensive classes in which you performed well. In my case, I was really interested in English, Speaking, and Hospitality management classes! So, I chose to study in the U.S., to improve my skills.

3. Consider Job Prospects, But Don’t Obsess Over Them.

Untitled6.jpgDon’t think of choosing a major as applying for a job; think of it as choosing your life’s path. The jobs, internships, and other opportunities that open up for you as a result of following your passion come second. On the other hand, if your passion lines up with your career plans, then choose the major that will get you there fastest. In my case, I wanted to be an international flight attendant in the future. I have a certain dream, so that’s why I chose Tourism and Hospitality Management as my major. Through this major, I could learn geography, airline industries, hotel and resort management, and great customer service. All of my classes are beneficial and important for my future career!

4. Decide What Type Of Degree You Want.

sss.jpgWhile you may still be totally lost, you can narrow down your decision by deciding between a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Sciences (BS).

  • BA degrees include liberal arts and social science majors like Political Science, International Relations, English, Art History, Sociology, and Cultural Anthropology.
  • BS degrees include science and math majors like Engineering, Biology, Evolutionary Anthropology, and Economics.

5. Read The Course Catalog At Your College Or University.

k.jpgIf you have already been accepted to a school, then read the course catalog to learn about the different majors, their requirements, and the types of courses involved. In my case, I also consider transfer requirements, so it is helpful to compare what credits I need to graduate from this school, as well as my transfer school. You can always talk with your advisor!

6. Consider Your School’s Reputation.

o.jpgDoes your school specialize in Journalism? Agriculture? Medicine? Engineering? Tourism? If the quality of the education you receive is of utmost importance to you and you are still undecided between majors, then consider which departments or majors your school is most well known for. GCC is one of the best schools for students who want to learn Tourism, because they have great internship opportunities, such as JFK and Disney World!

7. Set Up A Meeting With Your Counselor. 
m.jpgWhether you are undecided between two or more majors, or have absolutely no idea what major to choose, then set up a meeting with a counselor or academic advisor at your college. At my college, we have an international student advisor, so we can ask about not only majors, but also F1-visa, transfer, housing, internship opportunities, and so on. Also, your majoring professor helps you to register or build a study plan. If you want to have a successful college life, you should ask them! They will always support you.

CONGRATULATIONS! Now you can choose a major!

Have a wonderful time at College!


This blog was contributed by Tourism & Hospitality Management Student Ami Tanaka.Untitled.jpg

An Opportunity of a Lifetime



My name is Erica Cheman, I am enrolled in the Tourism & Hospitality degree program where I have two more semesters to complete. I waited until I had reached my 30’s to attend college and it is the best decision I have ever made. The present semester is actually my fifth because I decided to take it slow at the beginning in order to become re-acclimated into school. Genesee Community College in Arcade, New York has been perfect for me because the campus is close to where I live and work.

The experiences I have had and the opportunities available to me are more than I had ever dreamed were possible. I was nervous at first about attending college; mostly due to the thought of ambiguous situations and awkward moments. However, I have learned to challenge myself and have actually surprised myself because of the amount I have added to classroom conversations and the initiative I have taken with group projects, papers, and homework. Overall, my fellow students and the staff have been great to work with, they are all very helpful and friendly.

The greatest advice I can give is to be present and try to actively participate in every class. I have learned that by applying what I have learned into real life not only serves to make connections with the given material but helps one to remember its importance. One of my favorite classes was Management Principles because I learned a lot about who I am, why I am the person I have become, and the importance of managing oneself before attempting to manage others. Our professor also assigned fun yet challenging homework assignments such as recording a five minute conversation with another person in order to determine how we carry ourselves and how others respond to us. It was an interesting technique, but it worked!

Although being a full time student is time consuming I have learned to manage my responsibilities and my time because I love college and what it has done for me. It has opened so many doors and I am truly grateful for the experience.

This blog was Contributed by Tourism & Hospitality Student Erica Cheman.

Why GCC Is Great for Returning Adults


GCC offers flexible classes, a plethora of available courses, easily accessible campus centers, and an incredible staff. I am a returning adult studying tourism and hospitality management and without GCC I would not have had the opportunity to continue my education or to be able to advance in my career.

Top Four Reasons Why GCC Is Great For Returning Adults:

1. GCC’s flexible classes
Whether you work night or day, there are classes offered at many different times in order to accommodate your schedules.
2. Availability of courses
There are numerous degree programs you can choose from, and many classes as well! So, depending on if you want a whole new career change, or are simply just taking a few classes to learn more, the opportunity is there.
3. Close Campus Centers
There are several different GCC campus centers where you can study, some include: Batavia, Warsaw, and Arcade. This offers current, as well as potential students, more time to learn since they can pick a location that is closer and more convenient to them.
4. The Staff
The staff is amazing! Many of the GCC campuses are small, offering teachers the opportunity to have more one-on-one time with their students. The professors also bend over backwards to help their students. It is truly a community at GCC.

If you are looking to return to school or to even get a few of your major classes out of the way before moving on to a four year college GCC is definitely the place to go. Studying at GCC will lead you onto the road to success!

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 9.54.33 PMThis blog was contributed by Tourism & Hospitality Management Student Olivia Lawrence.

The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made


After high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was afraid of the future and the unknown. I felt like I didn’t want to commit to a full college education, yet I was too young to look for a full-time job. As I was trying to decide, I knew time was ticking by; I had to make a decision. One day, I applied to SUNY GCC Arcade because I thought that you couldn’t go wrong with getting a college education. I then chose to major in Tourism & Hospitality Management because I have always enjoyed working in the hospitality industry. It turns out that that was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Professor Kohl (Center)

Professor Kohl (Center)

In my first semester, I took five classes. My two favorite classes were Hotel Operations with Professor Plouffe (professor at Batavia Campus) and Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality with Professor Kohl. Professor Kohl is the Director of Accommodations at Darien Lake. He was the one to teach us the basics and the history of tourism through different projects and homework assignments. One night for homework, we were told to write down our favorite recipe. We all kind of wondered where exactly he was going with that assignment. The next class, we took a little field trip to Tops to find out how much it would cost to make our favorite recipe for a restaurant. It was such a fun way to learn something that is so important in our industry! He also took us to Darien Lake to see the campground, the hotel, and the park. As a student, it’s amazing to be able to see hotels inside and out.

The Del Monte Renaissance Hotel front desk.

The Del Monte Renaissance Hotel front desk.

The best part of Hotel Operations with Professor Plouffe was that we had the opportunity to visit The Del Monte Renaissance Hotel for one of our classes. While we were taking notes there, we ate exquisite food. Afterwards, he took us through the entire hotel: rooms, lobby, restaurant, kitchen, meeting room, laundry room, salon, spa, everything! Professor Plouffe made sure that, by the end of the class, we all had a better understanding of what it takes to operate a hotel. Every professor I’ve had goes above and beyond to help everyone learn what they need to know to be successful in their future.

Lastly, in those two classes, I met two of my best friends. The three of us have been taking classes together ever since. So, little did I know that I was enrolling in the best time of my life. I’ve made two amazing friends, been taught by impeccable adjunct professors that take time out of their busy schedules to share their passion, and I have learned so much all because I applied to SUNY GCC!

This blog was contributed by Tourism & Hospitality Management Student Monica Rubeck.

A Stylish Arrival


A few days ago, a large box arrived on the premises of GCC. This box was sent from the Buffalo David Bitton Showrooms in
NYC. Inside were a variety of clothing items from the Buffalo David Bitton Spring line. Due to the GCC fashion program’s
close relationship to Buffalo David Bitton, and more specifically, PR Director Diane Alexander, we have had the privilege to use new items from the Buffalo David Bitton in three of our fashion shows. From “Fashion Forward”, “Ethereal”, and now “Fata Morgana.”

FullSizeRender (15) 2This year the Buffalo David Bitton line will be featured in a music festival themed scene entitled “Festival Haze” which is being produced by Kylie Dunn and I. “Festival Haze” will embrace the best styles of Coachella and modernized free-spirit trends, and feature items from Buffalo David Bitton and Lord & Taylor. We would like to give continued thanks to Diane Alexander, and everyone at Buffalo David Bitton for continuing the tradition of featuring their product line on our runway, and everyone else involved in assisting in the production of our scene. We can’t wait to show all of you what “Festival Haze” and “Fata Morgana” have to offer!

-Ami Cornell

minuit désert


The Genesee Community College 34th annual fashion show is something special to me. This is the third time that I’ve participated in the GCC fashion show as a fashion student. In January 2013, I came to GCC from Japan to study fashion business.

My first year I had the opportunity to be a model for Candace Cooper’s scene. In my second year, I worked as a dresser for Abby Wilcox and Quintessa Wallace’s scene. During those two years, I learned that a fashion show consists of more than the flawless runway that attracts so many people. You can never imagine what the backstage is like unless you are there. And now, this year, I have the opportunity to work as a coordinator for designer Tiffany Hill. Our scene is called “minuit désert” which means midnight desert in French. I am very excited about doing this as my final project for my fashion course because this is what I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was in Japan.

Happily, Tiffany trusted my judgements and decisions in finding models, a makeup artist, and a jewelry company. which was easier than I thought.

Na’kaylas Jewelry Box

Na’kaylas Jewelry Box

New to the GCC fashion show this year is Na’kaylas Jewelry Box. This jewelry company is run by an amazing woman, Mishay Linthecome, who recently started her own business. As an employee, Mishay has used ambition and dedication to help other businesses build success and popularity. She soon realized that she could implement those same skills to her own company to help build success and popularity of her own. Out with the old, in with the new came to the New Year and in January of 2015 Mishay launched her very own jewelry company. The name of the company was inspired by her daughter. I cannot wait to present this collaboration with Na’kaylas Jewelry Box and T. Lashaé!

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Chiho Nakayama.

5 Reasons A Summer Job Can Be Fun


With the Spring Semester coming to an end, many of us start to think about summer vacation and what we’re going to do. For me, it’s always been to find something to keep me busy and out of trouble. That’s why for the last few years I have worked at our very own local amusement park – Darien Lake. So let me share with you my top 5 reasons a summer job can be fun, whether it be Darien Lake or another place of employment.

Number Five – Earn Money

Now, I know that we all like to earn some spending money. It also helps us to show others that we can be independent and dependable.

Number Four – Build your Resume

With a job, you’re able to add new skills and positions to your resume that could help you earn future full-time employment. Many of us don’t think that our summer jobs are important but every little bit helps in connecting your formal education with real world experience.

Number Three – Experience something new

With a summer job, you are given the opportunity to try new things. For example, you may have never wanted to lifeguard, but you could try it out at the local community center and end up loving it. You also may end up finding a hidden talent through trying something new.

Number Two – Gain New Skills

Every year I return to the same summer job at Darien Lake and every year I learn something new.

Number One – Make New Friends

To me this is the most important thing about working. I wouldn’t be returning to my summer job each year if it wasn’t for the relationships that I have formed with my fellow co-workers. It’s also important to remember that you are there to do a job, but it’s nice to be able to have someone that can relate to what’s going on at work.


This blog was contributed by Ryan B.