untitled (27 of 50)Tiffany Hill: outgoing, talented, strong, and beautiful are all words that have been commonly used to describe me as I was growing up, until now. As a child I had two dreams, the first was to
become a first grade teacher and the second was to be a fashion designer in New York. Unfortunately as a child I had already defeated myself because I decided to strive to become a teacher, constantly telling myself that becoming a designer
would be competitive and too difficult. As I got older, there was just something about fashion that I could not stay away from. Every time someone would see me they would ask, “Are you a model?” or they would tell me, “You need to be in fashion school”. Hearing people say these things made me dig deeper into finding out what was my actual dream and purpose. Now, as a proud student at GCC I can definitely say that I am following my dream and purpose as an upcoming designer working towards producing my own clothing line.

With this dream I have many visions, my clothing line being one. My logo was recently designed by someone who is like a family member to me, Justin Smith. He designed a logo that best fits me. The T stands for Tiffany and LaShaé is my middle name. T.LaShaé to me is classy, sophisticated and represents high fashion.

In this year’s Spring 2015 fashion show, I have the honor of bringing my scene to life on the runway. The name of my scene is Minuit Désert, which is in French, translating to midnight desert. I have such an amazing team that I am working with. My Co-Producer is Chiho Nakayama, my intern is Shantina Brewer, hair will be styled by Cosmetologist Mary Valenti, make-up will be by Professional MUA Monti Mccoy, and my Dressers are Hailey Rizzo and Matthew Wagner. Lastly, I am very thankful to be working with a jewelry company, Na’kaylas Jewelry Box, which is helping bring our vision to life with the beautiful pieces that will be incorporated within our scene. Minuit Désert by T.LaShaé is bringing life and something different to the runway, we cannot wait to see you all at the fashion show!

This blog was contributed by Fashion Design Student Tiffany Hill.

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