It’s Crunch Time!


There’s only a few days left until Fata Morgana, but no one can relax just yet. Designers are pulling all-nighters putting the last touches on their garments, models are practicing their walks and poses in sky high heels until their feet are sore, and scene coordinators are perfecting hairstyles and makeup looks for each model with their hair and makeup artists.

All of the different committees have been running around trying to perfect everything last-minute, too. On top of all of this, we are all taking at least four other classes that demand a large amount of time themselves. Since we are nearing the end of the semester, we all have final projects and papers to write for other professors. It’s not just crunch time for getting everything for the show done; we are also rushing to get other work for other classes done!

One way I handle all the course work that is given, is by doing all of the work ahead of time. I take six classes and for all of them I have my assignments done ahead of time. Doing this really helps me because I know I will be prepared for my classes and with all of that work done I can focus on other projects, like Fata Morgana. There have been times where I did not want to do any of my homework, but then I remembered all the times when I didn’t do my work and was even more stressed out as a result.

All of your responsibilities catch up with you fast once it’s the end of the semester, but it’s important to remember not to give up. Putting off responsibilities or haphazardly finishing them will set the tone for the rest of your college career, and your career once outside of college. As Lailah Gifty Akita said, “You are the only person that can create the future you want.”

This blog was contributed by Fashion Student Paige Henderson.

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