Fata Morgana: The Power Of Community


As the 34th annual fashion show at GCC is coming up, everyone is putting things together in order to make certain that the show is a stunning success.

I participated in the 33rd annual fashion show at GCC by assisting with make-up. In this role, I experienced the chaos behind the runway, but it was so much more to showcase the whole show to the audience. The most important thing that I have learned from the first day of fashion production class until this moment, is the power of community. When the class started, everyone had amazing presence on their own part and tried to showcase the best of their talents for the sake of our originality, creativity, and success of the show. People not only worked on their own scenes but also held responsibilities as a committee member for the show. To get to this level of strength, we needed a strong sense of community; there is no success without the cooperation of this community. The selection of the theme of the show, poster design, runway design and all of the decorative items were discussed and decided by our community named Fata Morgana.

This year, I have the wonderful opportunity of working as a coordinator for the scene “BARE by Jocelyn Eade.” I worked tirelessly to earn this opportunity, and I have learned how to find which people I work best with, as well as how to be organized and coordinate things well in a short span of time, and how to assist my group within the best of my capabilities. As a coordinator, I take responsibilities for the arrangement of meetings, announcements, and all other communications for the  “Bare” scene. This pleasing burden I currently carry on my shoulders has allowed me to break out of my comfort zone, perform the best I can on my part, and become a better person for the communities I belong to.

I strongly believe every mistake and hardship “team Fata Morgana” faced was worth it for the success of the GCC 34th annual fashion show, Fata Morgana. I am so pleased to be part of this community and showcase this tremendous fashion show. Yes, the show is coming up. Only twelve days until the audience will be amazed for Fata Morgana!

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Eunice GoEun Park.

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