Mini Fashion Show for GCC’s Visitors

Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown

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Today, April 24th, counselors from high schools all around came to visit GCC, along with their secretaries for a surprise event. This years gathering was to educate these visitors about the Fashion Program in a fun and exciting way. During the event, the counselors and secretaries  designed their own t-shirts. The end product was then displayed in a mini fashion show. The 3 people that had the most creative design and knew how to strut their stuff, on the mini runway, were awarded with a trophy.

Natalie Brown, one of the project manager’s for this event, said, “they’ll learn by doing.” In order to better understand the Fashion Program here at GCC, today’s visitors participated in the ‘design process’ and through the mini fashion show, experienced a little bit of event management.

This event was a fantastic way to get the word out about the great Fashion Program offered here at GCC. In involved a great amount of participation and the visitors were able to see what the program has to offer. The rooms where the luncheon took place was decorated and set up beautifully by all participants and helpers.

I could tell the counselors and their secretaries enjoyed the time they spent here at GCC today. They learned a lot about the program and were able to have fun at the same time. They put on a show that was enjoyable to watch, and they will be sure to remember the greatness that GCC has to offer future students.

This event could not have been so great if it weren’t for the GCC staff, helpers, and participants.

Candice Cooper/Natalie Brown- Project Managers

Tanya Lane-Martin- Assistant Dean of Enrollment/Director of Admissions

Rachel Blecha- Enrollment Specialist

Kerrie Sputore- Admissions Specialist

Christie Hale- Admissions

Ebony Ross- Admissions

Judges: Rick Dudkowski, Candice Cooper, Natalie Brown, Donna Ehrhart

Resume Writing: Winners of the Resume Contest


Depending on the job you’re applying for, there are many different ways to write your resume. The two basic formats are chronological ( organize most recent history first) and functional (organize to highlight skills and accomplishments). Creating a resume and trying to figure out how to put it together may be difficult, however; you can build off your resume for the rest of your life. It’s important to have a resume to show off and exploit all of your skills. A few resume writing tips include:

Resume Do’s                                            Resume Don’ts

1 page                                                     No “I”

to the point                                              bad grammar/typos

designed with a focus                              photo of yourself

action verbs

include strong skills

Everyone likes to brag about themselves and a resume is a great way to do just that. Things you would include in your resume are education, work experience, special skills, and volunteer work. You could also include responsibilities/requirements of previous jobs, hobbies, and your career objective.

This years 2nd annual resume Contest’s first place prize was an I-pad. Second place prize was a $50 gift card and third place prize was a $30 gift card. This year the three judges were, John McGowan Career Services Coordinator, Cindy Carpenter Verizon Wireless Recruiter, and Jim Bucki Director of Information Technology. The competition was tough, and the resumes were excellent. However, only three could win:

1st Place- Ashley Rickets (I-Pad)

2nd Place- Sarah Testa ($50 Gift Card)

3rd Place- James Draper ($30 Gift Card)

If anyone needs help with their resumes or have any questions, contact John McGowan at (585) 343-0055  x6383 or Mr. McGowan provides helpful services to assist students in preparing for their futures.

Mr. McGowan working hard in his office

Mr. McGowan working hard in his office


New Fashion Concentration: Event Planning


Events can be thought of as, “a creative solution to recognize products,” and “an experience people will write about,” says Professor Amy Slusser. From my own experience with event planning, it’s fun, exciting, and a hands-on job. When planning/creating an event, whether you’re planning a birthday party, business meeting, or a fashion show you’re able to put your creative side to work.

“An academic concentration is a cluster of courses focusing on a specialized topic,” says Michael S. Stoll, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs. The students who pursue this new concentration will receive a Fashion Business Degree.

The need for events, especially retailing events, is growing. Students completing this concentration will be able to apply the knowledge they have learned and put it all to use for free-standing events and for complex event projects. In addition to events, students will be able to conduct activities at trade shows and conventions.

The coursework included with this concentration are classes, such as; Customer Relationship Management, Principles of Event Management, and Meeting and Convention Planning. These courses will assist in being able to understand topics like customer behavior, how to decorate, food choices, entertainment, and other elements.

Tasks of Meeting | Convention | Event Planners

  • monitor event activities to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and laws
  • converse with staff at chosen sit to plan the details
  • inspect event facilities to make sure they meet the requirements
  • coordinate services for event; accommodations, transportation for participants, facilities, catering, signage, displays, security, etc.
  • consult with customers; meetings, conferences, conventions
  • meet with sponsors and organize committers
  • review bills for event/ approve payment
  • evaluate and select providers
  • arrange audio-visual equipment, transportation, displays.

The average wage of an event planner is $46,020 annually. In 2010, the employment was 72,000 employees. The projected growth is 29% or higher from 2010-2020. All-in-all there is a bright outlook for this position. bdfl


2013 Ducky Derby!


The 5th annual Ducky Derby fundraiser for United Way was a success! The contest was sponsored on March 7th, 2013. We raised a total of $1,821. Our first place duck was sold for $1 so the winner, Cathy Costello, received $182 while the remaining amount, $1,629, went directly to United Way. The race itself was fun and exciting, and the turnout was great!

A special Thank You goes out to:

Student Project Managers: Amber Sharick, Natalie Brown, Candice Cooper, Emma Peirick, Kelly Wetherby, and Maria Pia Camarra

Swimmers: Kylynn Bank, Jennifer Merle, Leah Staley, Chuck Malone, Nick DeFelice, Devon Phillip, and Gary Batchellor.

Swim Coach: Mr. Eric Fix

GCC Staff: Cheryl Young, Elizabeth Downie, Diane Marchese

GCC MarCom: Donna Rae Southerland, Michael Garrett, and Ilkia Solano

GCC Cheerleaders

GCC United Way Committee Members

GCC Student Activities Office

GCC Business Forum Club Members

GCC Faculty: Rick Dudkowski, Barb Shine, and Lauren Paisley

Door Prize Sponsors: Mr. Todd Plouffe, General Manager The Del Monte Lodge Hotel & Spa and Mr. Michael Horan, Assistant Manager, GCC Bookstore.

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Mardi Gras for HomeCare and Hospice Follow-up


The event at Batavia Downs Casino went great! We raised a lot of money for HomeCare and Hospice. Everyone enjoyed the food and had a great time. The bands, M.A.C. and -1, were phenomenal and the  crowd loved the calm atmosphere. The GCC volunteers were in charge of the 50/50 raffle tickets, chinese auction tickets, handing out raffle baskets, taking tickets at the door, and helping Linda Cumming, the Developement Manager of HomeCare and Hospice, with whenever she needed it.

The event was held in the in the Batavia Downs Clubhouse. It was set up beautifully by the Batavia Downs staff and decorated by the GCC volunteers. After the event was over, our guests went lose and had a great time gambling with their $15 Free Play. A lot of hard work was put into the event and the turn out was great!

It was a great opportunity for the Travel Club to help such an amazing cause. Thank you Linda Cummings and Amy Slusser for the opportunity!

Batavia Downs CasinoAmber Sharick, Brianna Platt, Amy Slusser, Zana Silmi, Gary Neth, The Band -1

Chinese Auction

Batavia Downs 2

Table Setup

Batavia Downs 3

From left to right;
Gary Neth, Professor Slusser, Zana Silmi, Brianna Platt

Batavia Downs 4

Amber Sharick (left)
Brianna Platt (right)

Batavia Downs 5

The Band -1

Victoria’s Secret: Behind the Scene


In the 8:00 a.m. Professional Sales class, we were lucky to have a guest speaker from Victoria’s Secret. Allison Suttell was Shelby Wallenhorst, a Fashion Merchandise major,  guest speaker who introduced Miss Suttell to the class. Allison Suttell was very successful at backing up everything that Mr. Dudkowski has taught us thus far.

Allison Suttell (Left)Shelby Wallenhorst (Right)

Allison Suttell (Left)
Shelby Wallenhorst (Right)

Miss Suttell is the Beauty and PINK manager in Henrietta. She told the class that she actually fell into her current position. Going to school for teaching, Miss. Suttell decided to apply for a job on the side. After being hired at Victoria’s Secret, Miss Suttell gradually began moving up in the business. She is now responsible for 160 people; scheduling, payroll, evaluations, interviewing, and making sure her employees are doing what they should be.

Even though Miss Suttell, went to school for teaching, she enjoys her high ranking job. She went from no experience with sales to her current position. She stressed to the class how businesses that are “customer oriented” are more likely to be successful,  and engaging customers with open ended questions is a tactic to build a relationship with potential customers. The word-of-mouth technique of marketing if more efficient than advertisements; she explains that if one can create a great experience for a customer, they will most likely return, tell their friends, or come back with others. Miss Suttell also explained the importance of training employees. If a person is trained in every category and aspect of the business, they will be more valuable, versatile, and most importantly, helpful to customers. Effective training keeps each location consistent; therefore, the customer who had a great first experience at one store location, can have that same great experience at another.

Having Allison Suttell as a guest speaker was extremely beneficial to the class. I think I speak for the whole class when I say that we gained more knowledge about real life experiences when it comes to professional selling. Thank you Shelby Wallenhorst and Allison Suttell for your time and effort!




Be the Lucky Duck in GCC’s 5th Annual Ducky Derby!

2012 Ducky Derby

2012 Ducky Derby

For the 5th year in a row, GCC is fundraising for United Way. The Ducky Derby is a fun and exciting way to raise money for United Way and at the same time, give money/prizes away to our ticket buyers. Last year, the students raised $2,500 so the winner of the Ducky Derby received a certain percentage of that money. This years event is Thursday March 7th at the GCC swimming pool at 12:30 p.m.

Along with your purchase of a ticket (duck), you’ll receive a souvenir duck!  You can purchase a duck at your own price:
$1= 10%
$2= 20%
$3= 30% (Percentage of fund raised amount for winning duck)
$4= 40%
$5= 50%
The first duck to reach the opposite side of the swimming pool is the winner. There will also be 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place ducks.

There are four project managers; Natalie Brown, Candice Cooper, Kelly Wetherby, Emma Peirick, and myself, Amber Sharick. For tickets, information, and/or participation, you can contact the above project managers, business students in the Business Forum Club, Mrs. Shine, Mrs. Paisley, or Mr. Dudkowski.

Mardi Gras for HomeCare and Hospice!


Hello everyone, this is my very first blog so bare with me!

For the second year in a row, the Travel Club will be hosting a fundraising event for HomeCare and Hospice. The event will be held on February 16th at the Batavia Downs Casino. With the theme being Mardi Gras party, the event will be fun and exciting! This allows students mardi grasstudying Hospitality and Event Planning to gain experience and help out a wonderful cause. Although the Travel Club is hosting the event, we could always use volunteers to help out.

The tickets are $35, and it includes $15 dollars of Free Play at the casino, along with dinner and entertainment. There will also be a gift basket raffle and 50/50 raffle. The event starts at 6:00 p.m. and winners will be announced at the event. A few of the raffle items include:

  • 4 passes to Palm Island water park at the Clarion Hotel in Batavia
  • an overnight package to the Del Monte Lodge Hotel and Spa in Rochester
  • a jacuzzi suite with breakfast and dinner at Salvatore’s the Garden Place Hotel

For additional information about the event, tickets, or volunteering, you can contact me at or contact Professor Amy Slusser at The other option for tickets is to register online at