New Fashion Concentration: Event Planning


Events can be thought of as, “a creative solution to recognize products,” and “an experience people will write about,” says Professor Amy Slusser. From my own experience with event planning, it’s fun, exciting, and a hands-on job. When planning/creating an event, whether you’re planning a birthday party, business meeting, or a fashion show you’re able to put your creative side to work.

“An academic concentration is a cluster of courses focusing on a specialized topic,” says Michael S. Stoll, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs. The students who pursue this new concentration will receive a Fashion Business Degree.

The need for events, especially retailing events, is growing. Students completing this concentration will be able to apply the knowledge they have learned and put it all to use for free-standing events and for complex event projects. In addition to events, students will be able to conduct activities at trade shows and conventions.

The coursework included with this concentration are classes, such as; Customer Relationship Management, Principles of Event Management, and Meeting and Convention Planning. These courses will assist in being able to understand topics like customer behavior, how to decorate, food choices, entertainment, and other elements.

Tasks of Meeting | Convention | Event Planners

  • monitor event activities to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and laws
  • converse with staff at chosen sit to plan the details
  • inspect event facilities to make sure they meet the requirements
  • coordinate services for event; accommodations, transportation for participants, facilities, catering, signage, displays, security, etc.
  • consult with customers; meetings, conferences, conventions
  • meet with sponsors and organize committers
  • review bills for event/ approve payment
  • evaluate and select providers
  • arrange audio-visual equipment, transportation, displays.

The average wage of an event planner is $46,020 annually. In 2010, the employment was 72,000 employees. The projected growth is 29% or higher from 2010-2020. All-in-all there is a bright outlook for this position. bdfl


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