Mini Fashion Show for GCC’s Visitors

Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown

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Today, April 24th, counselors from high schools all around came to visit GCC, along with their secretaries for a surprise event. This years gathering was to educate these visitors about the Fashion Program in a fun and exciting way. During the event, the counselors and secretaries  designed their own t-shirts. The end product was then displayed in a mini fashion show. The 3 people that had the most creative design and knew how to strut their stuff, on the mini runway, were awarded with a trophy.

Natalie Brown, one of the project manager’s for this event, said, “they’ll learn by doing.” In order to better understand the Fashion Program here at GCC, today’s visitors participated in the ‘design process’ and through the mini fashion show, experienced a little bit of event management.

This event was a fantastic way to get the word out about the great Fashion Program offered here at GCC. In involved a great amount of participation and the visitors were able to see what the program has to offer. The rooms where the luncheon took place was decorated and set up beautifully by all participants and helpers.

I could tell the counselors and their secretaries enjoyed the time they spent here at GCC today. They learned a lot about the program and were able to have fun at the same time. They put on a show that was enjoyable to watch, and they will be sure to remember the greatness that GCC has to offer future students.

This event could not have been so great if it weren’t for the GCC staff, helpers, and participants.

Candice Cooper/Natalie Brown- Project Managers

Tanya Lane-Martin- Assistant Dean of Enrollment/Director of Admissions

Rachel Blecha- Enrollment Specialist

Kerrie Sputore- Admissions Specialist

Christie Hale- Admissions

Ebony Ross- Admissions

Judges: Rick Dudkowski, Candice Cooper, Natalie Brown, Donna Ehrhart

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