Resume Writing: Winners of the Resume Contest


Depending on the job you’re applying for, there are many different ways to write your resume. The two basic formats are chronological ( organize most recent history first) and functional (organize to highlight skills and accomplishments). Creating a resume and trying to figure out how to put it together may be difficult, however; you can build off your resume for the rest of your life. It’s important to have a resume to show off and exploit all of your skills. A few resume writing tips include:

Resume Do’s                                            Resume Don’ts

1 page                                                     No “I”

to the point                                              bad grammar/typos

designed with a focus                              photo of yourself

action verbs

include strong skills

Everyone likes to brag about themselves and a resume is a great way to do just that. Things you would include in your resume are education, work experience, special skills, and volunteer work. You could also include responsibilities/requirements of previous jobs, hobbies, and your career objective.

This years 2nd annual resume Contest’s first place prize was an I-pad. Second place prize was a $50 gift card and third place prize was a $30 gift card. This year the three judges were, John McGowan Career Services Coordinator, Cindy Carpenter Verizon Wireless Recruiter, and Jim Bucki Director of Information Technology. The competition was tough, and the resumes were excellent. However, only three could win:

1st Place- Ashley Rickets (I-Pad)

2nd Place- Sarah Testa ($50 Gift Card)

3rd Place- James Draper ($30 Gift Card)

If anyone needs help with their resumes or have any questions, contact John McGowan at (585) 343-0055  x6383 or Mr. McGowan provides helpful services to assist students in preparing for their futures.

Mr. McGowan working hard in his office

Mr. McGowan working hard in his office


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