Victoria’s Secret: Behind the Scene


In the 8:00 a.m. Professional Sales class, we were lucky to have a guest speaker from Victoria’s Secret. Allison Suttell was Shelby Wallenhorst, a Fashion Merchandise major,  guest speaker who introduced Miss Suttell to the class. Allison Suttell was very successful at backing up everything that Mr. Dudkowski has taught us thus far.

Allison Suttell (Left)Shelby Wallenhorst (Right)

Allison Suttell (Left)
Shelby Wallenhorst (Right)

Miss Suttell is the Beauty and PINK manager in Henrietta. She told the class that she actually fell into her current position. Going to school for teaching, Miss. Suttell decided to apply for a job on the side. After being hired at Victoria’s Secret, Miss Suttell gradually began moving up in the business. She is now responsible for 160 people; scheduling, payroll, evaluations, interviewing, and making sure her employees are doing what they should be.

Even though Miss Suttell, went to school for teaching, she enjoys her high ranking job. She went from no experience with sales to her current position. She stressed to the class how businesses that are “customer oriented” are more likely to be successful,  and engaging customers with open ended questions is a tactic to build a relationship with potential customers. The word-of-mouth technique of marketing if more efficient than advertisements; she explains that if one can create a great experience for a customer, they will most likely return, tell their friends, or come back with others. Miss Suttell also explained the importance of training employees. If a person is trained in every category and aspect of the business, they will be more valuable, versatile, and most importantly, helpful to customers. Effective training keeps each location consistent; therefore, the customer who had a great first experience at one store location, can have that same great experience at another.

Having Allison Suttell as a guest speaker was extremely beneficial to the class. I think I speak for the whole class when I say that we gained more knowledge about real life experiences when it comes to professional selling. Thank you Shelby Wallenhorst and Allison Suttell for your time and effort!




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