How To Choose A Major



– Follow These Seven Steps! –

I’m Ami Tanaka and I’m currently pursuing a degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management at Genesee Community College. I’m from Nagasaki, Japan. Everyday, I have a wonderful time at GCC with professors and friends! I am really excited to learn, and love my major. Deciding your major is one of the most important steps before you begin college life. Also, it is directly related to your future career, so you should decide it carefully. Today, I will introduce “how to decide on your major”, based on my experiences. I hope it will be helpful when you decide on your major!

  1. Consider Your Passions, Interests, And Values.

Untitled4.jpgThink beyond hobbies such as sports or musical instruments. Think about the impact that you want to make on the world and the legacy you want to leave behind. Are you passionate about business? Do you want to save the environment? Are you an artist? Do you love math? Do you want to be a doctor? Keep in mind that not only may your interests change over the next four years, but that technology and the economy are constantly changing.

2. Think Of Your Favorite Subjects And Classes In High School. 

Untitled3.jpgWhich classes were the most exciting and inspiring to you?Consider which classes you performed the best in. “Easy A” classes don’t count; think of challenging and comprehensive classes in which you performed well. In my case, I was really interested in English, Speaking, and Hospitality management classes! So, I chose to study in the U.S., to improve my skills.

3. Consider Job Prospects, But Don’t Obsess Over Them.

Untitled6.jpgDon’t think of choosing a major as applying for a job; think of it as choosing your life’s path. The jobs, internships, and other opportunities that open up for you as a result of following your passion come second. On the other hand, if your passion lines up with your career plans, then choose the major that will get you there fastest. In my case, I wanted to be an international flight attendant in the future. I have a certain dream, so that’s why I chose Tourism and Hospitality Management as my major. Through this major, I could learn geography, airline industries, hotel and resort management, and great customer service. All of my classes are beneficial and important for my future career!

4. Decide What Type Of Degree You Want.

sss.jpgWhile you may still be totally lost, you can narrow down your decision by deciding between a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Sciences (BS).

  • BA degrees include liberal arts and social science majors like Political Science, International Relations, English, Art History, Sociology, and Cultural Anthropology.
  • BS degrees include science and math majors like Engineering, Biology, Evolutionary Anthropology, and Economics.

5. Read The Course Catalog At Your College Or University.

k.jpgIf you have already been accepted to a school, then read the course catalog to learn about the different majors, their requirements, and the types of courses involved. In my case, I also consider transfer requirements, so it is helpful to compare what credits I need to graduate from this school, as well as my transfer school. You can always talk with your advisor!

6. Consider Your School’s Reputation.

o.jpgDoes your school specialize in Journalism? Agriculture? Medicine? Engineering? Tourism? If the quality of the education you receive is of utmost importance to you and you are still undecided between majors, then consider which departments or majors your school is most well known for. GCC is one of the best schools for students who want to learn Tourism, because they have great internship opportunities, such as JFK and Disney World!

7. Set Up A Meeting With Your Counselor. 
m.jpgWhether you are undecided between two or more majors, or have absolutely no idea what major to choose, then set up a meeting with a counselor or academic advisor at your college. At my college, we have an international student advisor, so we can ask about not only majors, but also F1-visa, transfer, housing, internship opportunities, and so on. Also, your majoring professor helps you to register or build a study plan. If you want to have a successful college life, you should ask them! They will always support you.

CONGRATULATIONS! Now you can choose a major!

Have a wonderful time at College!


This blog was contributed by Tourism & Hospitality Management Student Ami Tanaka.Untitled.jpg

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