Anyone who has a scene for this years fashion show can tell you that there are some good days and some not so good ones. Making progress by contracting your hair and makeup artists, securing models, buying fabric, or even finishing a dress are things that happen on a good day. Having a scene entails a ton of hard work that not everyone may realize.

11051511_10206351818418441_79517740_n (1)My scene is called Oasis. I was inspired by Arabic fashions and culture, you will see this through the use of flowing fabrics and my intricate use of detail. My scene will consist of fourteen evening gowns. As of now, I have purchased all of my fabrics and have a few dresses in progress. GCC student Kana Tatsumi will be creating jewelry for my scene as well. Her brand is “Jenny Minette”; be sure to check out her jewelry line on Facebook!

11050962_10206351818858452_929050979_n (1) I have contracted all of my models, and I am excited to share that 2014’s National American Miss New York winner, Olenka Masny, will be modeling for my scene! She is an experienced model who has walked in many fashion shows and I am very excited to work with her.

I am also excited to write that I have contracted very talented hair and makeup artists for the show. Amanda Marsala is an extremely talented makeup artist from the Western NY area. You can check out her Instagram @almarsala , you won’t be disappointed! My hair artist’s name is David Gerard. He did the hair for my scene “Glorious” last year and did a fabulous job; I am thrilled to work with him again this year!

So many great things are happening for me so far and I am quickly developing a strong team for this year’s fashion show. I know that there will be some bumps along the way, but in the end when the models walk down the runway it will be all worth it!

This blog was contributed by Entrepreneurship Student Abby Wilcox.

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