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Hello Blog Sphere!

As my first blog, I thought I would share just some brief highlights about my background and then information about the special project I’m working on.

  • I’m from Alden, NY –  a small town near Buffalo.
  • At GCC, I’m a General Studies/ Liberal Arts major and I’ll graduate in Fall 2016.
  • After graduation, I plan on transferring to a four year school for Nursing. I am currently taking nursing courses here that will transfer over to a four year college.
  • I’m in the Honors Program here at GCC, and I am currently working on my enriched course project, which I have described below.
  • I chose to come to GCC because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted my major to be
    right out of high school. I was also thinking about interior design.
  • My favorite part of GCC is all of the wonderful people that I have met, friends and
    professors. They have all contributed to a great experience so far.
  • I spent my senior year in high school interning at a doctor’s office. It was a great
    experience and it allowed me to learn more about the health field before diving into a
    Nursing major.

Did you know? …Alcohol kills more teenagers than all other drugs combined. It is a factor
in the three leading causes of death among 15 to 24 year olds: accidents, homicides
and suicides. Abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs is costly to our nation, exacting
more than $700 billion annually in costs related to crime, lost work productivity and
health care.

This first blog is to inform you about a survey that was distributed in the Forum
last week. (Candy passed out to those who participated in the survey as an incentive).

The survey was based on the class that I am currently in, Alcohol / Drug Use and Abuse. This blog will be based on the topic of drug and alcohol abuse, focusing on what the survey says that everyone is interested in learning about. The reason I am writing this blog is to inform people about alcohol and drug facts. The survey was a few quick questions in order to find out some basic information and give me a basis on what people are most interested in learning. One of the questions asked participants to rate five basic topics based on their interests. Please stay tuned for the results!



December 15 2010

This elegant evening was held  here at GCC! This event was hosted by the Genesee Community College scholarship foundation. I had the opportunity to represent Student Government as a senator.If interested in joining please feel free to stop by the SGA office located in the Student Union.The start of the next semester of SGA will begin  a recycling effort around the campus. If you are a supporter of being green please feel free to join our cause and share your ideas!  I was happy to see that GCC  theatre students volunteering for this exquisite event, full of enthusiasm and sophistication. The night began with a cheese and wine tasting. Guests were welcomed by the GCC family with open arms. AVI food service served a scrumptious meal. It was a serve yourself style with a variety of food that any food pallet would enjoy. The employees were very prompt and professional. The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra performed a mix of holiday selections. The audience members were filled with the holiday spirit by this beautiful music. Emily Hellenbrook ,a 16 year old “vocal prodigy” , gave a great performance on several songs. Viewing performances always inspires me to dream big and create my own versions of artistic expression. Holiday performances keep the magic and spirit of the season alive! Art promotes critical thinking skills and  creates change in our society.

Encore Photos


“What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me.”

— Helen Keller

What does “SUCCESS” mean to you?


Hey Ebony here stating her opinion.

We live in a world where we are judge by our success through other people. Society tell us how to live our lives, and tells us what we need to do in order to be titled as “SUCCESSFUL”. Many people may feel unsuccessful because they have not met society’s standards.

What do you hear all the time? “Make sure you go to college to get an education, a good job, and be successful”, do we really have to go to college to be successful? Do we really have to pay other people to measure how smart we are?

There are a lot of people who attended college and have gotten their bachelors, masters, and/or PhDs but do not have anything to show for it other than thousands of dollars worth of loans they have to pay back. While there are some people who never went to school and have all the qualifications and required knowledge, but do not have that stamped paper to prove it.

I do not have anything against college because obviously I’m here. I am here because I WANT TO BE and I feel I should be here to satisfy myself and my own needs, not others. Many of my friends and I have these group discussion about the measurement of success all the time. Some of them aren’t happy, some say they are here because their friends are in college, or their parents made them, and some just say “I don’t know”.

We should measure our own level of success and not let other people create our lives. Some people don’t really know the real reason why they go to school. Maybe it makes them feel bigger and better than the people who do not have a diploma.

How do you measure your level of success?

Some people can measure their level of success by

  • Getting a B+ on an exam
  • Spending time with their families
  • Being a stay at home mom or dad
  • Graduating high school
  • Getting a college degree
  • Finishing a project that has been sitting on their desk for years
  • Doing volunteer work and helping other people
  • Buying a house or a new car
  • Paying off debt

My bottom line is live up to your own expectations; do not let other people tell you how to live your life and measure your level of success for you. Ask yourself “AM I SATISFIED?”

What do you think and what makes you feel successful?

Would you Kill your bunny for your lipstick?


Hey it’s Kiley and today I’m here to inform you on a hot issue:

I have recently purchased an eyeshadow palette online from BH Cosmetics, I happily read that these beauty products were not tested on animals. My favorite make-up brand, URBAN DECAY, is not only a cruelty-free company, but also has a vegan make-up line. I think it’s important to spend money on quality products that advocate cruelty-free products.

Animal testing specifically  in cosmetic products is a horrifying truth that is swept under the rug.The truth is many beauty products kill to guarantee greater satisfaction to their customers. Helpless bunny rabbits suffer every year in labs just to ensure that a women’s canvas skin or eyes will not irritate when using cosmetics. Are these animals dieing in vain,or rather for people who have vain. If the consequence is pain to a gentle creature shouldn’t we search for alternative methods or stick with ingredients that we know are safe. Is it human nature to exploit the weak? This is why I choose products that are cruelty-free. I experienced firsthand the democratization of information by researching products that do test on animals. Their are several claims that that L’OREAL and Procter and Gamble products like CoverGirl, Max Factor, and Physique. I search the websites and eventually decided to call both companies to receive the information I desired. L’OREAL claimed they, “would send me information concerning use of animal testing in the mail”. Procter and Gamble said they would send me an email and claimed their absolute finished product is not tested on animals. People deserve to be aware if products are tested or not because this issue extends to morals and ethical issues.

Products that don’t test on animals:


Alima Cosmetics, Inc


Avon products


Bath and Body works

Bobbi Brown

To name a few!

Stop animal tests!

“You can take from every experience what it has to offer you.
And you cannot be defeated if you just keep taking one breath
followed by another.”

— Oprah Winfrey

Tis’ The Season.


Hey it’s been a tick too long! I changed my hair and at first it was fluorescent orange, but thankfully it has calmed down. This year I’ve learned to not sweat the small stuff, even if the mistake costs you $115.

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This Thanksgiving was unlike any I’ve experienced. I embraced a Puerto Rican Thanksgiving. This was a bit of a culture shock. The celebration was filled with people switching from Spanish to English, a language barrier. The entertainment was Spanish television. Their was common ground however, delish food and wonderful loving people to share it with. Picture this: rice and gandules, pasteles, stuffed turkey, seafood salad, coquito(coconut holiday drink), and flan and pumpkin flan. A wonderful arrangement of traditional ethnic foods with a pinch of America sealed at the seams.You could say that this was a bit of a non-conventional holiday for me, but it proved to be a great learning experience. Every culture embodies different value systems, languages, and non-verbal communication styles. It’s a persons job to break through these barriers or differences and find common ground. People must learn,embrace, and grow from new perspectives. To do this one must overcome challenges and obstacles in order to effectively communicate. Many individuals give up stating they feel “uncomfortable” or “lack the patience”. I encourage you to go out of your way to explore a world beyond that “safe bubble”. My father and I are planing a trip to Puerto Rico after graduation, this will be an adventure I will not forget.Do you have a future trip or unusual holiday experience to share?

I latter had the traditional Conklin celebration. The best part of my voyage home was seeing my grams.She made me the most delicious coconut cream pie! My grams has passed down much of her wisdom to me and I am truly blessed to be able to spend the holiday with her. My sister and her-soon-to-be- husband gave me a fab awaited birthday gift. Traditions are often overlooked or taken for granted, but this year was different for me. It made me realize holidays weren’t always rushed, materialistic, and hassles.  If spent with the right people they could be bliss.Holiday’s I enjoy are filled with laughter and stories of both the good and bad times.These memories have made my family an interesting bunch.  What are some of your family traditions?

“Spend eighty percent of your time focusing on the
opportunities of tomorrow rather than the problems of

— Brian Tracy

The End is Near


Wow, the end is near and so many things has happened. I’ve met a lot of new people, had some great experiences and some bad, however I’ve learned a lot a long the way.

Now it’s time to go home for thanksgiving. Then it will be time to go home for winter recess, and before you know it, we are going to be starting a whole new semester.

This was actually an interesting semester for me; I was more involved than I would normally be in school.  I’ve surrounded myself around fun, energetic, goal oriented, and intelligent people. I’ve stood out as a leader, and tried to bring forth unity on campus.

Working in MarCom (marketing/communication) taught me a lot, and allowed me to show off my communicative competence. I’m also happy to be apart of this wonderful blog, and work with such wonderful people.


Just a spoon full of sugar.


Hey it’s Kiley giving you the low-down.

It’s that time of the semester where everyone is overwhelmed with finals and projects.Fear not, like Miss Ebony said: “stay positive”.

Guest speaker Paul Maurer, co-founder and chairman of Re-Tree WNY

This was sponsored by the Earth club and was proven to be a truly rewarding experience. Maurer is part of a nonprofit organization that’s goal is to plant a total of 30,000 trees around Buffalo area. This is necessary, due to a tragic storm in 2006 that destroyed many leaf -laden trees in Buffalo and Erie County.I was shocked to here about the damage  due to the storm. Maurer expressed that it was important to educate the neighborhood about the proper way to take care of these new trees. That it was important to call these tress their own.I thought that the many fundraiser ideas were great, especially because clubs are cut due to low funds.These innovative grass root ideas may influence students to start a revolution. It just takes one small person with one big idea to start a revolution.  He expressed that it was our job as a  community to fight for our earth. I was impressed by his devotion to this cause. I feel that many students expressed a desire to get involved in these community efforts.

October Storm 2006 pictures!

Missed the guest speaker? Click here and learn more!

America Recycles…and so does GCC!

Monday, November 15

9:00 – 2:30 PM

GCC Batavia / Forum

Don’t forget to collect some gently used winter wear, magazines, old cell phones, and dry cell batteries and bring it to the GCC forum. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, as they say. Why not make use of some items that haven’t been used in months. Don’t be part of the problem be part of the solution. This will be one small step to ending a national problem. If everyone helps out and brings just one or two items, this will make a huge difference in the events success. I personally am planning on rounding up some magazines to help this great cause!

UPCOMING Documentary!

Forks and Knives

March 11, 2011

This claims that diseases can be controlled and the cause of these illnesses are due to animal based menu items and processed foods. I’m taking food and  nutrition currently and these types of documentaries interest me.Check out this website and maybe this will interest you as well.

Movie trailer!

College Applications

Last night I applied for two colleges Canisius College and Medaille College. For the typical second year busy GCC  student this is necessary to ensure a students future. There’s a lot to think about campus tours, applications, and scholarship opportunities. So if your a second year student it’s important to get started now!

Because Life is Delicious


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This is an ode’ to 2010 Halloween.This year I was Miss Strawberry Shortcake.Everyone needs to get outside and enjoy this fall weather!Enjoy these pictures that truly show what Western New York has to offer.

Must see old film


This is a Tim Burton classic and evokes the spirit of Halloween.


“Grasp your opportunities, no matter how poor your health;
nothing is worse for your health than boredom.”

— Mignon McLaughlin

Listen up.


Hey it’s Kiley giving you some updates!

Camping Out for a Cause

I did not attend this event as planed, but buzz has it was a great success!You can still donate gentle used winter clothing and non-perishable items until December 3rd in the Math/Science suite on the third floor D-wing. A box is placed in D-381.

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Anti-Bullying Rally

October 21

There were several emotional inspirational stories shared and many GCC students shared support.

one small step

the little guy

Phi Theta Kappa

Raise $185 in a bake sale:the proceeds were donated to Healthy Women Partnership.These funds will be utilized for Breast Cancer screen tests for women who cannot afford this test.

Must see movie!

My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done


Art Show in the Library

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I now have the opportunity to be a part of the Fine Arts Committee as an SGA representative.The arts is something I feel very strong about and I am proud to be part of this committee. Seven Students from several walks of life from physical education majors to fine art majors all showcasing one this in common:artistic talent.

“Although there may be nothing new under the sun, what is old
is new to us and so rich and astonishing that we never tire of
it. If we do tire of it, if we lose our curiosity, we have
lost something of infinite value, because to a high degree it
is curiosity that gives meaning and savour to life.”

— Robertson Davies

Exist to lead.


Heyy it’s Kiley-To day is an example of a beautiful fall day! Lots to share and blog about! You’re in for a treat.Today, my friend and other GCC blogger informed me our blog was an article in the Daily News! The article’s titled “Student bloggers share school life with the outside world”: feel free to check it out!

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October 20th

“Think Pink”

I made sure to take some time out of my day and volunteer an hour between class for this event that would spread awareness and education about Breast Cancer. October is Breast Cancer awareness mouth, as you may know.This event was sponsored by SHAG(Student Health Awareness and Advocacy Group). I am in this club and if you are interested in joining feel free to attend a lax meeting in the “pillow room” at 1pm every Friday. It was great to be a part of something that was bigger then myself.I encourage everyone to schedule some time to help someone else or to help the community.  

A Must Read!

I just read a fantastic book titled “Running with Scissors”, by Augusten Burroughs. It was also made into a wacky movie, for those you who aren’t readers. It’s a memoir about the authors “non- traditional” childhood and how he persevered over dysfunction.  This is a truly inspirational book about survival in a misfit situation.

Reminder:Because their grreat!

Today is the start of the International Save the Tiger month.This adorable creature it endangered and needs our help!

Save the Tigers NOW

“Politeness and consideration for others is like investing
pennies and getting dollars back.”

— Thomas Sowell