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Hey Ebony here,

I was excited to hear that Our GCC blog was featured in the Batavia Daily News, how awesome is that? It’s so exciting to know that Kiley and I are being recognized. Also it’s nice to know that people actually read our blogs and learn from them.

here’s the link to the website. CHECK IT OUT.

The Daily News Online: Lifestyles – Student bloggers share school life with the outside world

Exist to lead.


Heyy it’s Kiley-To day is an example of a beautiful fall day! Lots to share and blog about! You’re in for a treat.Today, my friend and other GCC blogger informed me our blog was an article in the Daily News! The article’s titled “Student bloggers share school life with the outside world”: feel free to check it out!

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October 20th

“Think Pink”

I made sure to take some time out of my day and volunteer an hour between class for this event that would spread awareness and education about Breast Cancer. October is Breast Cancer awareness mouth, as you may know.This event was sponsored by SHAG(Student Health Awareness and Advocacy Group). I am in this club and if you are interested in joining feel free to attend a lax meeting in the “pillow room” at 1pm every Friday. It was great to be a part of something that was bigger then myself.I encourage everyone to schedule some time to help someone else or to help the community.  

A Must Read!

I just read a fantastic book titled “Running with Scissors”, by Augusten Burroughs. It was also made into a wacky movie, for those you who aren’t readers. It’s a memoir about the authors “non- traditional” childhood and how he persevered over dysfunction.  This is a truly inspirational book about survival in a misfit situation.

Reminder:Because their grreat!

Today is the start of the International Save the Tiger month.This adorable creature it endangered and needs our help!

Save the Tigers NOW

“Politeness and consideration for others is like investing
pennies and getting dollars back.”

— Thomas Sowell