CEO Trip To The Business Incubator: Harvester Building


By: Christi Lotempio

mancusoThe CEO club took a trip to the world’s first business incubator. Dr.LaMattina was able to schedule the tour of the facility guided by owner, Mr.Mancuso. The tour was started with beverage at the Moon Java Café. They serve delicious coffee, teas and other beverages and have a selection of lunch items. Mr.Mancuso gave some background information on the Harvester Center explaining that a true business incubator offers more than just space. A true incubator should offer services such as the use of forklifts, or other larger equipment that start up companies may not be able to afford, as well as secretarial services, fax machines, and mail services. One of the most important parts of starting a business is networking and flexibility. Mr.Mancuso believes that talking to people and always re-evaluation of your business plan are a must.

He brought us to the Hodgins Printing Company that has been in the Harvester Building since it started, they actually made the sign that is still hanging. Hodgins Printing Company talked to us about the fact that their company has been in business for two generations. She stated that being able to look into the future and keep updating your business was really important to their success.

ceoOur next stop was OATKA Glass Studio. Mr.Lance Taylor, the owner of OATKA GLASS, was the tour guide. The OATKA GLASS offers many services such as making your own piece, taking classes and they sell artwork. Mr.Taylor expressed the importance of knowing how finances working and the importance of Networking. You need to be able to get out there and meet people and know who you are, to know what your goals are. He has a lot of experience with entrepreneurship, and expressed that it is important to have one person you trust to talk your business plans through.  At this stop we were able to make our own glass creation.

Back to the Moon Java Café for lunch. It was delicious! All of the students were discussing what they learned and how it can be applied in their own circumstances.

The last stop was One World Project.  We discussed their business goals, how they procure products from local artisans in developing countries, and their inventory management processes.  We also had a chance to shop in their gift shop.

If anyone is interested in joining the CEO club please contact Amy Conley.

8 things all GCC students should know.


Lists are all the rage on the internet these days so I figured I would compile a list of things that all of us at GCC should know. I’m by no means the final say in this so feel free to make additions in the comments!

1. Winters in Western New York are For Real!

Snow day? Whats that? Nothing like walking make that running through a snow covered parking lot to get to classes. Not to mention those who commute 20 minute drive? Mother Nature says NO! How about it takes you 45 today. With a little planning and a lot of coffee, you can beat it.

2.) We have a diverse campus.

Whether its age or gender, race or religion, or sexual orientation and culture we have it all here at GCC. More important we are proud of our diversity as a campus and embrace everyone’s differences. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is something that comes very natural on campus.

3.) We all get along.

Okay! Okay! Maybe we aren’t all like Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, and Ross. But you have to admit that there is a helping hand wherever you look on campus. People are so willing to take time out to get to know you – its amazing.

4.) Bigger isn’t always better.

So we aren’t a huge University with 100,000 students. What we lack in size we make up for in character. The community that GCC is isn’t something you will always find on a larger campus. Embrace it.

5.) We have clubs and activities for days! (Join one)

Seriously over 50 clubs and organization on campus! What?! Join something you like or make your own! We are all about the activities! The list is here.

6.)The Library is the place to be!

Okay. So MAYBE it’s not like that night club back home but our library on campus is pretty jumping. Rather than what you expect from high school or the public library, on campus there is a bustle about. Groups working on projects and people asking Librarians for advice. It’s basically the place to be.

7.) The staff is always willing to help.

If its a professor to someone on the cleaning crew they are always willing to point you in the right direction. Never be afraid to ask a question! They are all very knowledgeable and if they don’t know, chances are they have the ability to point you in the right direction.

8.) The experience is yours! Make it count.

Go for it! Do what makes you happy and above all else chase your dreams!




…And Now I’m Here


When I decided to come to GCC last spring I honestly had no idea what was in store for me. I didn’t exactly plan on going out of my way to join any clubs or organizations. I had already been out of school for four years at that point and I wasn’t interested in having the entire college experience. To be honest I was more concerned with getting a degree and getting out of here.

When I began classes however I found that this all quickly changed. I had Dr. Tom C. Priester for First Year Experience (FYE 100) and I suddenly found myself involved in campus activities. (Anyone who knows him knows that he has a way of making this sort of thing happen) I joined the Leadership Certificate Program and that lead me to becoming an orientation leader. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to become involved on campus and how accepting all the different people were.

You know in high school how your teachers are always telling you “wait until you’re in college! Its going to be 10 times harder.” I haven’t found that to be true yet. Yes, the work is harder, but as a student you are also more advanced. Plus the people in college are all in different places in their lives and they don’t have time to deal with menial high school drama. They all just get along and that was something amazingly refreshing to me.

Going into Orientation Leader training I had no clue what to expect. I thought that it would be impossible to make friends in the three short days we spent together before our first orientation. But here I sit on the eve of our first session feeling confident in not only my ability but our teams ability to help new students feel welcomed coming into GCC. It’s amazing how the energy and people grow on campus. Its almost like our own little world here to just be accepted for who we are, not for our past or future actions. It’s a place for growth and learning and for the most part everyone wants to be here.

I know some people are disappointed when they have to come to a community college as opposed to a four year school but I think that GCC does a great job in keeping the hometown feel but still giving students the full college experience. So if you were to ask me, I would say go for it! Take a leap of faith, ask someone in class to hang out, join that club you were always interested in, study abroad. After all there’s no time better than the present.