Committee Chaos


288830c6-3ded-4d0d-86ea-8ed79c50d820 2Well, with the date of the fashion show almost upon us, everyone is currently working their hearts out sewing, coordinating choreography, and wrangling their models together. But what about the committees? There are five committees responsible for producing the 34th annual fashion show at GCC, they include: Public Relations, Front of The House, Back of The House, Planning, and Finance.

The Public Relations committee is a crucial part of Fata Morgana, and is also the committee I am a part of. The Public Relations committee is responsible for producing all of the tweets, hashtags, posters, tickets, and the flyers for the model tryouts in the beginning of the semester. The P.R. committee also promotes the show in order to ensure record attendance and awareness. A lot of work goes into working on the P.R. committee from coordinating everyone so that we can get the program together and sent to the printer on time, to completing radio interviews.

The Front of the House committee is in charge of all of the decorations, they made the middle-eastern inspired archway for the runway, hand-painted the decorations on the sides of the runway, and finalized the runway layout.

The Back of the House committee is in charge of all of the models, specifically they must make sure that models don’t have any gum in their mouths, assigning dressing rooms, getting photographers signed and contracted, making sure everyone is quiet backstage when it’s show time. In addition to all of these responsibilities, the Back of the House committee also has the very important job of telling each scene when its time for their cue.

The Planning committee is one of the most important committees in the show, they take care of picking the scenes, music selections, they make sure things run as smooth as possible, and they hold people accountable. Everyone has their own part to play in the production of Fata Morgana.

Each scene makes the show come together and without the help that we provide one another this show would be impossible to produce. Sometimes we may not agree on things, but in the end we all want to produce the best fashion show in the history of GCC, and in Western New York, and that is what we hope to provide this Saturday!

This blog was contributed by Fashion Design Student Ryan Welker.

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