Create Your Success


With only four days left until the 34th annual fashion show Fata Morgana here at GCC I know that everyone, including myself, is stressing to get last minute details in order to ensure the shows success!

This year Katie Strong and I are producing the children’s scene in the fashion show, our scene is entitled Among the Wildflowers. Our theme is very bohemian and natural in order to fit in with the theme of the entire show; we decided to make our little models look more like flower children by having them wear beautiful flower crowns.

Since “DIY” or do it yourself crafts are turning up everywhere you turn we decided to make the flower crowns ourselves! With a few materials and six easy steps we were able to create our vision of amazing flower crowns for the children to wear.

I know that everyone involved in the show including Katie and I have visions of what they wish to see walking down the runway. Sometimes all it takes are the right accessories to make everything come together just as you envisioned. It is not only the merchandise but also the details that make the show jaw- dropping and unforgettable! I know that in only four days everyone’s hard work will pay off and the audience will be amazed!

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Taylor Bunch.

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