Why I Chose To Study At GCC


I am an international student from Japan. I used to attend university in Japan, but I left there because I decided to study at Genesee Community College. There are three main reasons why I believe GCC is a better fit for me.

1. To improve my English

Before I came to GCC, I couldn’t speak English like I do now. There are not many people who can speak English in Japan, so I really didn’t have the opportunity to learn it. If you are an international student and are willing to learn English, you should come to GCC and live with native English speakers.

2. To study Tourism & Hospitality Management

Another reason I chose GCC is to study Tourism & Hospitality Management. GCC has many different majors including Tourism & Hospitality Management, Fashion, Sports management, etc. Also, if you come to GCC, you can do an internship that is related to your major even if you are an international student. I plan to complete the OPT program, which is an internship program for international students in the U.S., after graduating.

3. To learn about American culture

This is the most valuable experience for international students. You can visualize the many differences between your culture and American culture. There is a beautiful nature around GCC, and people are kind and easy-going.

If you are thinking about studying abroad, you should come to GCC and experience it all for yourself!

This blog was contributed by Tourism & Hospitality Management Student Yuka Ito.

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