Top Five Things I Like About Genesee Community College


Top Five Things I Like About Genesee Community College

1. It’s Affordable

GCC enables you to attend college without having to be in debt for the rest of your life. Attending GCC is an especially great option for someone who doesn’t know exactly what they want to major in yet. You can take classes at GCC in numerous fields of study in order to find the right area to pursue a degree in without breaking the bank.

2. Small Class Sizes

You will get the feeling that your professors actually care about you. They see you as a human being and not just as a number in a room of hundreds. Since the classes are so small, if you are in need of help the professors are more than willing to assist you.

3. Diversity

The students of GCC consist of people of different ages, races, ethnicities, religions, etc. This gives students an opportunity to experience and appreciate what make us all unique. In addition. It also provides a real world feel because it teaches us to work and live with people whose opinions, views, and lifestyles are very different from our own.

4. The Dorms

This option makes GCC very unique since there aren’t many community colleges that offer dorms. It can also enhance the college experience and help students get used to living on their own.

5. Activities Galore

If you’re into sports, travel, dancing, or even photography there is a club at GCC for you. There are also activities that happen throughout the semester that you can take part in such as Open Mic Night, poetry contests, job fairs, blood drives, and almost anything else you can think of!

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.18.17 AMThis blog was contributed by Tourism & Hospitality Management Student Tamika Knutt.

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