Returning from NYC


Returning back to GCC is a culture shock after having been in NYC for the past few days. From the hustle and bustle of mid-town to the quite rolling fields of Batavia is quite the change. For many of GCC’s fashion students, New York City will be the intended destination at some point in their near futures as it is one of the world’s fashion heartlands. The last few days have definitely helped in our quest to get there, by further deepening our understanding of how the fashion industry works from an insider’s perspective.

On behalf of all of the students who attended, we would like to sincerely thank Mr. Rick Dudkowski, Ms. Donna Ehrhart and Mr. Jerry Kozlowski for accompanying and enabling us to experience this amazing field trip. An extra special thank you goes to Mr. D who worked tirelessly, using his NYC connections, to get us into some of the amazing and highly respected businesses within the fashion industry.

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We would also like to thank the fashion businesses and presenters who delivered insightful talks, presentations and demonstrations about their experiences, knowledge and life within the industry.

Over the next couple of weeks, myself and Samantha will be blogging in more depth about what we did, and learned from this incredible fashion field trip.

Post Provided By: Jamie & Samantha 

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