The Journey to NYC


It was a very early morning wake up call for all the eager fashion students attending GCC’s annual fashion trip to NYC. With a bus full of groggy students, we embarked on our grueling seven hour journey to our fashion Mecca. Accompanying us to the big apple is Mr. Rick Dudkowski, our fashion business professor, Mr. Jerry Kozlowski, the dean of the BEST center, and Ms. Donna Ehrhart, our design professor, who is currently embarking on a journey to find the perfect dressy raincoat.

Lori, our delightful bus driver, did an excellent job at getting us to the city in a safe and timely manner. As we approached our hotel, we encountered the usual hussel and bussel of the city. Lori, with her outstanding bus driving skills, managed to parallel park the bus while avoiding chaotic NYC traffic. I will never again complain about having to parallel my tiny Subaru after watching Lori preform this nearly impossible task. My hats off to Lori.

After exiting the bus, it was exciting to hear the “ooo’s” and “ahhhs” from new students. Entering NYC can have quite the impact on students. They can either embrace the craziness or it can overwhelm them. I am interested to see which students will take a liking to the big city and which prefer to stay in suburbia. After check in, we were allotted the evening to enjoy on our own. Jamie, my fellow fashion blogger, and I explored time square, made a couple trips to Starbucks and took advantage of the discounted theater tickets from TKTS. Avenue Q was the most hilarious musical I have ever seen. It was as if someone took Sesame Street and made into an adult comedy. If you are ever in the mood for some adult humor that is the musical to see.

On the journey back to the hotel I got to embrace one of my favorite parts of the city. The fact that no matter what time it is there is always life in the city. Where else can you sit and relax in the middle of a park at night and see as clear as day? After an eventful evening, tomorrow begins the business side of our fashion trip. We begin our day bright and early with the Buffalo David Bitton showroom, continuing on to Fairchild Publication, and ending with the incredible Doneger Group.

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Post Provided By: Samantha & Jamie

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