Tuesday, September-29th-2010

Jared Mahone, a recording artist from Columbus Ohio, kindly performed his music for anyone that was interested in listening in the student union. It was a wonderful experience and something different to bop your head to. He also beat boxed and gave us a little bit of Michael Jackson (you cannot go wrong with that :-). Jared Mahone has been doing music for five years. His parents did music in the country, so with that Jared grew up into music. He also graduated college and performed at different schools. His uncle was a writer and inspires his music. You can call this a family business and Jared is within the third generation. He does not really categorize his music in the typical genres of music; he calls it ” Soulful Groove Funky Pop”.

After his great performance, he sold some of his shirts, CDs, stickers, and pins. Students were excited to buy, get autographs, take pictures, and chat. I also got a picture with him. What a great guy.

Jared is writing a new song every week. To listen to his music, you can check out his website at

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