SALSA MAGIC – Interactive Latin Dance Party!


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Hey it’s Kiley, and boy do I have a story to share with you! I had the opportunity to interview two very talented people in Salsa Magic and see firsthand what all the fuss was about.Their was a sense of mystical energy in the student union on Tuesday, September 21, at 7:00pm.

Lee Smith Jr. ,the creator of the show, “If you could mix party and lessons on dancing, that’s Salsa Magic. It’s a three hour extravaganza”.

I chatted with Aguilar before the show and she shared some interesting tidbits about the show.A talented team of two Kat Aguilar and Lee Smith Jr. have been sharing the magic for about a year now.Smith had started the show 8 years ago.I personally, have been involved in theater at an early age.Dancing was never my strong suit,however. I could sense that performing was almost second nature to her. Speaking of Smith, Aguilar shared, “He has a great teaching style and hes a clown on the mic”.

An interesting concept Smith asked several students the question “What is your heritage”. This was supposed to encourage cultural diversity. I personally have Irish, German, and English roots.Now whats yours?

I had the opportunity to see some of the prep work that is taken place before the curtain goes up, metaphorically speaking.It’s a big job for not only the performers, but the CAB volunteers as well. To plan an event big or small takes time,skills, and bodies. I feel that CAB volunteers should be acknowledged for their efforts and I would like it known that they are doing a fantastic job!

Regarding the amount of student attendance, Vice President of the Student Government,Khilna Samat, said “Immense improvement from last year”.

Smith stated, ” There is no competition. This is the only Latin dance show/party in the country”

If you didn’t get the chance to enjoy the fun feel free to look at this talented act’s website:

Want to see videos of the event feel free to check out the following links:

Salsa Magic

^ click if you didn’t get the wonderful opportunity to see this talented duet perform at GCC!

Salsa Magic: part 2

^watch the magic happen here at GCC!

GCC students want to dance.

^free style dance moves

Teaching GCC students how to salsa dance.

^Just click!

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