GCC Cougar Weekend!


I am excited to announce that GCC Cougar weekend will take place Friday and Saturday, September 21-22, 2018. Everyone is welcome. GCC is pleased to invite the entire community to join Cougar Crawl in Downtown Batavia on Friday, the 21st September, 2018 at 5pm. The Cougar crawl will begin at Ken’s Charcoal Pits at 5pm and features stop at The YNGodness (73 East Main Street), Valle Jewelers (21 Jackson Street), Pollyanna and Dot (202 East Main Street), Eli Fish Brewing Company (109 Main Street) and T-Shirts Etc. (37 Center Street).

The crawl ends at T.F. Brown’s Restaurant (214 Main Street) for the Cougar Crawl Bash including live DJ till 10pm, a buffet and prizes included. Cougar Crawl tickets are only $10 and can be purchased online or by contacting Jennifer Wakefield, GCC assistant director of Alumni Affairs, at 585-343-0055 ext. 6265 or by email at jgwakefield@genesee.edu

Cougar weekend event on Saturday, the 22nd September, 2018 will be held at GCC’s Batavia campus. GCC’s Batavia campus will host a full day activities, exhibits and more! It begins at 10am when the craft and vendor market opens in Richard C. Call Arena. You can also register for Annual Bike and Car Cruise. A chicken BBQ will be available for only $10. You can also view exhibits “Portraits in Trash” by Dion Hitchings in the Roz Steiner Art Gallery from 12 noon through 3pm and “Landscape Interaction/Intervention” photography exhibit on the display in the Stuart Steiner Theatre Lobby.

Five new inductees will be welcomed in the Athletic Hall of Fame at 5pm in the Richard C. Call Arena. Alumni co-ed soccer game starts at 7pm on the campus Turf Field.

Finally, the Alumni bonfire will take place at GCC dorm “College Village” at 8pm. I hope you will join us to have fun!




Caricature at Cafe night

Summer Milwaukee adventure with my Brother  Curtis

Summer Milwaukee adventure with my Brother Curtis

This has been a fast moving semester, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a tick.

WOW Week is a week here at GCC with exciting events the whole week.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Transfer Fair!

I felt this event was over all helpful for GCC students as a whole. It’s important to have short and long term goals and events like this give you an opportunity to think about your future. I am currently looking into SUNY BROCKPORT,NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, and SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY. I am leaning toward SUNY BROCKPORT because of the cost, but the other schools may have more of a long term hold for my future. My brother an RIT graduate assures me that “you have your whole life to pay off school and that the quality of education is the most important part”. He is currently in Milwaukee working as a packaging engineer at SCJ. During the summer I took four summer classes at GCC and during a weekend I took a trip to Milwaukee to see him. He is my current inspiration. I hope you enjoy the picture! Speaking of inspiration, who inspires you? Let these people in your lives drive you toward excellence.

Cafe Night

I unfortunately did not get there in time to enjoy the delicious assortment of finger food, but I did however get a wacky caricature done by a GCC Alumni, Peter Badami. This made the event much more successful because everyone loves a souvenir. This is my fifth caricature I own and I hope to add more to my collection soon. I love art in general it inspires not only my mind, but the way I dress. My first semester of college I took ART HISTORY 104, this was one of the most rewarding classes I have had the opportunity of taking.I fell in love with the work of Van Gogh with his thick brush strokes the evoked so much emotion.

If you want to know more about caricatures :http://www.squidoo.com/goofyfaces

Some Great looking gals

Some Great looking gals

If you want to check out Van Gogh I suggest you check out: www.vangoghgallery.com/

The Mulberry Tree in Autumn, c.1889

The Mulberry Tree in Autumn, c.1889

Tuesday, September 14th

Info Fair-wild west theme

I hopped around quite a bit during this event volunteering at the Student Government table and T.V. Club table. There was definitely school spirit in the air.

Dodgeball Game

I briefly attended this it looked like people were having a blast! I, however, have always been prone to injury and was afraid I would get hit by a protruding object.

Wednesday, September 15th

Fall Fest

This was a lot of fun and I hope everyone took time out of their day to take part. The food was great and the Abbott’s frozen custard hit the spot. It was hard to choose a flavor, but in the end I choose chocolate almond. There was also a live DJ.

Thursday, September 16th

Drunk Sex or Date Rape: Can you Tell the Difference?

This controversial event was mandatory for all College Village residents and all sports teams. A truly inspiring nationally known speaker Brett Sokolow ran this interactive program. The students were very responsive and willing to state their opinions.

Dinner and a Movie

I volunteered for CAB for this event. It seemed that the students were enjoying the film and the tacos! The movie was Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. I enjoy the Disney cartoon version and I like this director, but unfortunately wasn’t about to watch the movie.

It’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed your week of WOW. Please feel free to share your WOW Week memories.

“But this too is true: Stories can save us.”

-Tim O’Brien-