Three Things To Visit On Your Summer Break Near Batavia, NY


What: Jell-O Factory Museum

Where: Leroy, NY

UntitledBirthplace of JELL-O

Original Advertising Art • Molds •Spoons • Toys •Collectibles • Recipe Books• Canadian Advertising Magazine Ads •  Package Inserts • Memorabilia

Why visit?

The Jell-O factory is a great place to learn about local history, and it is worth a visit to see what such a small town can hold.

What: Darien Lake Amusement Park

Where: Darien Center, NY

kWhy visit?

Darien Lake is full of fun rides and entertainment for all your summer needs and is a great way to fill up your day and get outdoors. They also host many concerts in the summer!

lWhat: Genesee Country Village and Museum

Where: Mumford, NY

Why visit?

Genesee Country Village & Museum features costumed interpreters in restored historic buildings, breathing life into an authentic 19th-Century Country Village. One of the largest living history museums in the country located just outside of Rochester, NY, in Mumford, it is also home to the John L. Wehle Gallery (following a major remodel) and a nature center. It’s a great way to get some interactive history knowledge

What’s in Batavia?


The question is, what is there in the community? Batavia seems so small compared to the other cities that are surrounding it. Look at Rochester or Buffalo or even go so far to look at New York City. Batavia could not have anything that is even remotely close to what any of those cities have.

Most people are right when they have this feeling, because they think that there is no comparison and they are right! But not for the reasons that they think. Batavia does have a lot, on the outside it looks like just a small town, but it really is big if you think to venture out and see what it has to offer.

You can find people anywhere in Batavia that have stories to tell about what has happened in this little city. Stories that most people would not even believe!

You can travel to any little diner, or better yet volunteer at the Veterans Administration. You will not only learn about Batavia but you will learn about life and the world around you. The people here could tell you happy stories or their childhood that make you smile or tell you horror stories about war that would make you cry. They know what they’re talking about, and they protected you from that horror.

If that is not enough and you still don’t believe that a little city like Batavia is sweet, If you think that those big cities have all that has to offer, ask someone in that city how to tie an eight knot, or how to milk a cow, do they know how to hunt? Probably not! If you travel to this little city you will find such a person, here, in Batavia. They are there, they will even teach you if you want to learn, just remember to ask them nicely. Can you find that in the Big Apple or maybe even Rochester?

How is Batavia NY is Different from my Hometown?


Batavia NY is much different from my hometown in East Asia. Even thought they have about same population size, they have a quite different characteristics.

At first, a climate between two towns was killing me! My hometown belongs to the Temperate Zone, so I never experienced such a crazy snow and freezing temperature until I spent a winter in Batavia. Otherwise, summer weather in Batavia is very enjoyable, but my hometown is not because of its humidity and seriously high temperatures.

Another difference is the topographical factor. There is no ocean in Batavia, but it is located right next to two large lakes; Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Plus, it is a flat field suitable for farming corn and dairy farms. My hometown has both mountain range and inland sea, and prospers oyster farming while making use of the terrain.

Without having my own automobile in Batavia, the limited transportation reduces range of activities I can participate in. The B-line Bus Service and taxis are the only ways you move in Batavia without a car. Those services are not enough for people who do not have an automobile. My hometown has bus, taxi, train, and bullet train. The train is very expedient for communing to downtown, and bullet train is the easiest way for traveling to all around an area.

The difference between living in these two towns gives is challenging to adjust to.

-Makoto Le

Started from the burbs now I’m here


I felt like Harry Potter when he first arrived at Hogwarts when I got to Genesee Community College. I never visited the school before coming and didn’t know anyone before I came. I hopped on the Metra train at Chicago Union Station in Downtown Chicago, Illinois around 11 p.m. on January 11th and arrived in Depew, New York the following morning. I was greeted by Coach Sherman who took me into Batavia for the first time and gave me a tour. This is where my journey began.

After living in Lansing, Illinois my entire life, it is very odd for me to call Batavia, New York my new home. Lansing is a smaller town in the South Suburbs of Chicago, located approximately 25 minutes away from downtown. It is on the border of Indiana with neighboring towns of Cal City and Munster. The weather is actually fairly similar but mostly everything else varies. Lansing Illinois has a population of around 28,000, whereas Batavia’s population is much smaller. Lansing is a south suburb of Chicago and Batavia is in Upstate New York. The demographics are definitely not the same but I would say that Batavia is more diverse due to the fact that it is a college town.

Batavia appears to be an older town than Lansing. The houses are contrasting, not only structurally but also geographically. A lot of the local businesses are unique to the area and are not found in Lansing. Laws, rules and regulations differ slightly in Batavia. Prices are higher out here than in Lansing but tax is higher in Lansing because it is in Cook County. There is a lot less crime in Batavia than there is in Lansing. The scenery differs from Lansing because there is a lot more open land here.

I noticed that the language, slang, and terms used out here are different from what I am used to back home. The lifestyle is one of a kind here because of the location. Niagara Falls is in the area, as well as Canada and Buffalo. Before coming to Batavia I never heard of a garbage plate, but I think it is one of the best discoveries I have made. The last difference is that Batavia is a little wealthier than Lansing overall.

Nothing can replace Lansing because it will always have a place in my heart but Batavia is a really cool and unique place to live. I have met so many cool people and really look forward to living here for this whole semester and baseball season.

-Bobby Colantuono

Dansville vs. Batavia


My hometown of Dansville compared to Batavia is so much different. Where I come from there are more things to do and way less traffic. In Dansville there are about four traffic lights and in Batavia there are more than ten. Also the police know you by name and are nicer compared to Batavia.

On the typical weekends I’m usually out sitting around a fire talking with some friends and laughing. In Batavia the only thing you can do is sit in your apartment because there are no woods around here, it is mostly swamps. I’m used to the mentality of being country and I like that. There’s nothing better than to know how to survive off the land and get a little dirt on your tires. Can’t do that in Batavia!

When in high school, I never really thought I would want to go back to Dansville, but I miss it greatly. I’m really looking forward to this summer and getting ready to go home but most importantly spending time with my family and friends that I never get to see that often. When I graduate from college I want to move to Colorado and live in a country town just like Dansville.

– Colin Vogt

New Year, New Job, New View


As I begin my second year of the Fashion Design program at GCC, I also began a new job. As required by the Fashion program, each student needs experience working in the area of fashion, either over the summer or throughout the school year. For me, my recent new job was something completely new to me: men’s wear.

My job experience throughout this school year will be at Charles Men’s Shop. It is located at 200 E Main Street right in Batavia. While at the Men’s Shop, I will be setting the window displays. Showing the all of the amazing merchandise the store has to offer, while creating a theme and telling a story, keeping in mind the latest trends for fall was a challenge at first. I haven’t taken the Visual Display class with Ms. Ehrhart (the fashion design professor at GCC) because it begins in October, so trying to accomplish that goal made my first few window attempts difficult. I had a hard time finding inspiration and translating it through men’s wear. Until that time, I had only acquired experience with women’s retail. I had received some advice from the Men’s Shop’s helpful staff, Kristen, Don, and Dave. I also asked both of my professors, Mr. Dudkowski (the fashion merchandising professor at GCC) and Ms. Ehrhart for some advice. I’m very glad i decided to ask for some much-needed tips. After getting a better understanding of the window displays and finding my inspiration, I created a window that i was truly proud of. My vision for the window was the New York City pop up sales, since I, along with all other fashion students, will be attending a field trip to the Big Apple next month. Don Brown (Charles Men’s Shop VP) was recently showing me some pictures from the past trips to the city. He told me of the pop up retail stores that would be selling men’s wear, which made me think of trunk shows. I combined the two ideas with my inspiration of the city and created my window.

Business Wear

Business Wear

I really have enjoyed my time so far at the Men’s Shop. If i hadn’t attended GCC I wouldn’t receive an opportunity like this, nor would I have the always available professors ready to guide me with expert advice. Getting hands on training from such an accomplished and well-known store is great experience. Just as Don Brown had said, along with having fun, learning is the most important part of working at the Men’s Shop. After I have had more experience completing some windows and in-store displays, I could move on to learning new sewing techniques along with more planning and customer service skills.

As I look at window displays, men’s magazines and online articles, I see more now than I would have before this job. I wonder about what the message is that they are sending, what story they are telling, why they made certain choices. This ongoing experience will always make me think more about the way a display is shown than I would have ever thought. There is always room to grow and enhance skills with GCC and job opportunities.

Come down to Charles Men’s Shop and join me on the Wine Walk, October 5, 2013!