How is Batavia NY is Different from my Hometown?


Batavia NY is much different from my hometown in East Asia. Even thought they have about same population size, they have a quite different characteristics.

At first, a climate between two towns was killing me! My hometown belongs to the Temperate Zone, so I never experienced such a crazy snow and freezing temperature until I spent a winter in Batavia. Otherwise, summer weather in Batavia is very enjoyable, but my hometown is not because of its humidity and seriously high temperatures.

Another difference is the topographical factor. There is no ocean in Batavia, but it is located right next to two large lakes; Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Plus, it is a flat field suitable for farming corn and dairy farms. My hometown has both mountain range and inland sea, and prospers oyster farming while making use of the terrain.

Without having my own automobile in Batavia, the limited transportation reduces range of activities I can participate in. The B-line Bus Service and taxis are the only ways you move in Batavia without a car. Those services are not enough for people who do not have an automobile. My hometown has bus, taxi, train, and bullet train. The train is very expedient for communing to downtown, and bullet train is the easiest way for traveling to all around an area.

The difference between living in these two towns gives is challenging to adjust to.

-Makoto Le

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