What’s in Batavia?


The question is, what is there in the community? Batavia seems so small compared to the other cities that are surrounding it. Look at Rochester or Buffalo or even go so far to look at New York City. Batavia could not have anything that is even remotely close to what any of those cities have.

Most people are right when they have this feeling, because they think that there is no comparison and they are right! But not for the reasons that they think. Batavia does have a lot, on the outside it looks like just a small town, but it really is big if you think to venture out and see what it has to offer.

You can find people anywhere in Batavia that have stories to tell about what has happened in this little city. Stories that most people would not even believe!

You can travel to any little diner, or better yet volunteer at the Veterans Administration. You will not only learn about Batavia but you will learn about life and the world around you. The people here could tell you happy stories or their childhood that make you smile or tell you horror stories about war that would make you cry. They know what they’re talking about, and they protected you from that horror.

If that is not enough and you still don’t believe that a little city like Batavia is sweet, If you think that those big cities have all that has to offer, ask someone in that city how to tie an eight knot, or how to milk a cow, do they know how to hunt? Probably not! If you travel to this little city you will find such a person, here, in Batavia. They are there, they will even teach you if you want to learn, just remember to ask them nicely. Can you find that in the Big Apple or maybe even Rochester?

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