Dreams, Designs, and Dress Forms


As in previous years, PGM, the leading dress form manufacturer in the United States, has once again committed to supporting the growth of the aspiring fashion designers who attend Genesee Community College. PGM has made the generous donation of three dress forms to three design students with very promising futures. The winners of the dress forms are as follows: Ryan Welker, Amber Coan, and Cathy Morales.

All of the dress form winners are fashion design students who plan to continue pursuing their love for all things design at four year institutions in the fall. One of the winners in particular, Ryan Welker, plans to put his dress form to use while studying at Buffalo State College. When reached for comment, Ryan expressed nothing but gratitude for winning such an amazing prize, “I am really glad I won! I plan to further my sewing knowledge, and create beautiful garments with this dress form.”

Fashion Design students Ryan, Amber, and Cathy with their PGM dress forms.

Fashion Design students Ryan, Amber, and Cathy with their PGM dress forms.

Congratulations Ryan, Amber, and Cathy! We are all anxious to see the designs you create in the near future.

On behalf of the Fashion Programs at GCC we would like to extend thanks to PGM Dress Forms for the donations of these three dress forms to the fashion design students at GCC, as well as for the donation of additional dress forms to the program itself.

-Ami Cornell

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