Two Halves Make A Whole


Untitled.jpgAs the 34th annual fashion show approaches, everyone is working harder than ever to make sure it is the best one to date. While the fashion students have been preparing their scenes, stage, and gift bags, to ensure the fashion show is a success, the tourism and hospitality students have been perfecting the decorations, refreshments, and door prizes to make the reception memorable. It is crucial for these two halves of the event to be cohesive, and it wouldn’t be possible without the teamwork and communication that is exhibited between these two distinct majors.

Untitled3.jpgMany details go into transforming the forum and cafeteria for the fashion show. We want guests to feel as though they’ve stepped into another world when they enter the building. This year, the forum will be packed with chairs, a beautiful stage, and hundreds of twinkling lights. The decorations for the cafeteria will include tapestries ordered from India, countless lanterns, as well as centerpieces decorated with beads that the Tourism and Hospitality Management students have spent countless hours assembling. Just as the posters say, you really do have to see it to believe it. See for yourself April 25th !         

This blog was contributed by Rebecca Meloon.

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