De-stress Yourself


There are only a few more weeks left until the GCC fashion show! Sounds stressful, huh? Why yes, it is. Putting on a fashion show is a rather tricky task, and tons of hard work. So much stress comes along with it including biting your nails, having the urge to snap, maybe even pulling your hair out. With very little time to make everything come together, where is the time to relax? Sure you might say that there is none at all and that you are always on the run. But for a successful fashion show to come together you need to eliminate that stress and just go with the flow. Sure, it doesn’t sound appealing and may even seem like that’s a no-go. Although, what sounds better? Stressing out to the point that you have no idea what to do and carrying an unbearable weight on your shoulders, or feeling calm and confident that you are doing things right? Sure the time might be disappearing quickly but you do have to take care of yourself as well. Especially since everyone says that your health is the number one thing.

Now, some people might already be thinking about the day of the fashion show, that’s when the stress fully kicks-in. At this point everyone is hoping for the best; hoping that the models you hired will come on time, that nothing rips before the show or gets dirty, and most of all hoping that none of your models fall down the runway. Of course, there’s so much that comes with the fashion show and the negative things are always thought about, but why not let the positive outweigh the negatives. Here are a few tips on how to de-stress before the fashion show arrives. Number one would be to perform a few breathing exercises that will stimulate the mind and calm down the body. Of course plenty of sleep will do justice, but if you are nervous for the show and with the added excitement mixed in, one night of rest might not cut it. Enjoying the day before by having fun with the rehearsals and thinking positively might help to eliminate some stress.  Go into another world and just enjoy the calmness of it. That’s where meditation comes into play, this can be effective in calming the mind and creating a sense of happiness. Eating healthy is another way to de-stress. The Next tip would be to keep your eye on the ball. Sometimes we can all get caught up in the planning and details rather than what it’s all about. Take some time for yourself, take a spa day or even a yoga day just to get your balance back into check. Your health is the most important thing; spend time doing anything that relaxes or de-stresses you. It always works and it’s the best way to relax and ensure that the fashion show will be a success.

This blog was contributed by Fashion Merchandising Student Maggie Blaszczak.

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