Basketball Tournament Success


November 1st– 2010,

The African American Student Union club had great success in our first basketball tournament. As president of the club, I had to do a lot of planning and running around to make sure that everything was set. Ron Spioto (Athletic Director) was kind enough to let us use the gym, and equipment to make our event which started at 6pm and ended at 8:30pm more exciting.

At least 30 students signed up to play, all of them males. Females were able to play, but none of them were interested in getting on the court. We also had a lot of people in the audience who supported us.  There were 5 teams; we had 6 but one team bailed out.  We also did a 3 point contest for males and females, and a dance contest which was exciting. The dance team also came out and performed for us, they did a wonderful job.  This was more like a street ball competition, with the guy on the microphone telling jokes with music playing in the back ground.

This was a fundraising event and a promotional event for our club. Raffle giveaways were available but we were not able to give anything away because we did not generate any income for the raffles. All in all everyone had fun, which was all that mattered at the moment.

This gave everyone something to do on a Monday night.

Our next event will be a fundraising event, which we are discussing now.

Thanks to everyone that came out and to the African American club members for having such great team work.

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