keep it Positive!


Hey, Ebony here spreading the word.

Everyone is different, but some of us might share the same dreams or goals. When you meet someone with a similar mind-set as you,  it’s kind of  like you were made for each other. A team builds, and so many creative ideas come about. I like to surround myself around positive intellectual people who I can relate to. Positive people help you realize your dreams. Negative people take them away.

Motivating others to do well, and encouraging them to maintain a positive attitude no matter what the circumstance may be, is what I love to do.  Every other day I send out message blast from my cell phone of inspirational quotes that we can all learn from. Some people are even inspired by me, and I greatly appreciate that.

I admire people who are strong-minded, independent self motivators who strive for success. I share what I know, and hope that others will too.

If you are in a negative environment or surrounded by negative people, the best thing to do is get away.

“When we are ready to make positive changes in our lives, we attract whatever we need to help us.”

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