My Time at Genesee Community College


Hello everyone, I am Helmsley a current sophomore student here in GCC. I am a native of Ghana West Africa but currently live in New York City with my Dad. I lived and played Soccer in Lyon France for one year were my mom currently reside and later moved to the united states in 2011 to pursue a career as a sports agent because back home in Ghana, the ability to play soccer is a big part of the culture.

Ever Since I moved to America, I have been able to stay focused academically which ranked me as one of the top students in my grade and also my college life at Genesee Community College. My time here in GCC has also been great. I have been able to meet outstanding roommates who set an great example In the college community.

The Professors also play a big role because their able to answer any questions I might have on my project and encourage me to stay focused academically. In GCC, I have been able to collaborate with individuals from different parts of the world. Some activities we have participated in, include training with the soccer team, having fun at the student union, playing video games etc.

As I enter my second year at the college, more and more great things have been occurring, including some hours at WGCC (the college’s radio station) as a sports caster and working in the MarCom (Marketing & Communications) Office. After GCC, I plan on transferring to Indiana State University in order to gain a scholarship to Edge Hill University in England and pursue my degree in Sport Management.

Student Blogger: Sarah Melani


Hi Everyone,

So, I am here in New York, a Fashion Business Major. I am studying the fashion Business, creating my own company. I love the arts. I am a singer, a writer, a fashion designer, modeling, I love the arts. I cook and play sports! This is what I love, what I do. I go places, I am traveling a lot.

My new life is amazing. I have my gifts, my talents, full force, my blessing, everything is all great. Everything is all good and the great days are endless. There are no bad days, nor bad times to look to! No one can touch me. I don’t open my mind, my eyes, nor mysarah-burnett2c ears to problems. I am fearless, I am not afraid of anyone nor anything. Except for my God. I couldn’t care less.


One day at a time.

Using the time I am given well. My eyes stay on God, every day, everything, in and with Him, in His presence.

This is the beginning. And my life will be good for always! This is mine, and this is me. This is my blog, and I am Sarah Melani, and I invite you here to join me. Hello, I welcome you!

Next blog, Thanksgiving! There will be Pumpkin Pie verses Sweet Potato Pie, and, Black Friday shopping, and plenty of fun time, all of these I will be writing on in my next blog, hope you all enjoy!

Help how do I computer-


I’ve spent the better part of the last hour trying to write something that would suffice as a nice, elegant introduction post. Something that would speak to you conveying a sense of elegance – class, if you will (see what I did there?) – and to show that I have the capacity in engage you in intellectual conversation that would stimulate and inspire you.

Yeah, that didn’t exactly work.

Hi, I’m Joan. I’m the new blogger around these parts, and it’s great to meet you. You can learn a bit more about me (if you’d like) by clicking on the Meet the Bloggers link at the top of the page.

To give you a brief sum of who/what I am: I’m a Resident Assistant down at College Village, as well as being a full-time student. This tends to leave me with very little free time during the school year proper, but when I can get the opportunity to escape the madness (such as it is), I enjoy writing, sketching, driving my roommates crazy with my odd taste in music, and DJing up at WGCC.

(Oh, did someone want an obligatory plug for WGCC, 90.7 The Music FM?



You know, summer orientations and classes aside, there isn’t very much going on around here that I can highlight for you. As such, I’d like to take a moment to share what exactly I’m bringing to the table here.

In short, I want to be able to start some discussion about a variety of things that I hope you’ll find interesting. I’m working on a few posts ranging from discussing virtual worlds (such as Second Life) and their impact on society, to ‘how-to college’ with some helpful tips on college success.

Not everything is terribly serious, however – expect to see a wide variety of silly things as well, from game discussions to musical genre explorations. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I’ll enjoy writing them, and I’m looking forward to seeing your comments, questions, and suggestions.

That’s it for now, I think. Again, it’s great meeting you, and I’m looking forward to sharing my semester with you.

Take care!