Shine The Light on Domestic Violence


October is Domestic Violence awareness Month and on Wednesday, October 15th, all seven campus locations will participate in a one-day project aimed to Shine the Light on domestic violence through a number of purple themed initiatives. The organizers of the events hope to use the color purple to bring awareness to the suffering victims endure at the hands of loved ones. This is the third year of GCC’s THINK PURPLE campaign.

From 9:00am to 4:00pm, information tables will be set up in the Forum highlighting the YWCA Domestic Violence Program, RESTORE Rape Crisis Services, GCC Counseling and Campus Safety. Purple t-shirts emblazoned with “GCC Supports…Paws Off” will be sold for $5, with the proceeds benefiting the Genesee County Domestic Violence Program. Students from the Student Health Awareness Group, the Alpha Epsilon Gamma service organization, GCC Cheer and Dance Team and GCC Ambassadors will distribute neon purple glow bracelets and will ask participants to snap the bracelet and take a moment to think about victims of domestic violence.

The ‘Clothesline Project’ will be featured on the Forum stage for viewing and survivors and supporters are offered the opportunity to create their own shirt. GCC’s campus radio station, WGCC 90.7 FM will join the event to interview students and help spread the word about domestic violence. Once dusk settles in, GCC’s clock tower will be illuminated with purple lights in order to follow the lead of the SUNY Administration Building’s campaign to bring awareness to domestic violence victims.

Earlier this month, Harmony Reid came to speak to students about her experience with domestic violence. Reid struggled with depression, alcoholism and PTSD after she was raped during her first semester at college and later became a victim of domestic violence. Reid tells her story because she hopes to help people become aware of and prevent domestic violence. Reid declared:

We need to stop victims from being victims.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please speak up and reach out for help. The YWCA of Genesee County is able to help women with crisis intervention information, referral services, safety planning, shelter, court assistance, supportive counseling, advocacy, and other services. The Genesee County YWCA phone number is 585-343-5808 and the 24 hour domestic violence hotline is 585-343-7513.

“Sparkle-Tude” And You


Jennifer Newell is an accomplished woman who wears a variety of hats at GCC. She has served as the Dean of Students at GCC for five years now, dedicates her time to coaching the GCC Dance Team, and actively participates as a sorority sister and advisor for GCC’s Alpha Epsilon Gamma (AEG). If that’s not enough to make your head spin, recently she also spent her time speaking to the Professional Sales students. Jennifer focused her presentation on “Sparkle-Tude” and how to create a sparkling attitude everyday.  She used a variety of hilarious anecdotes from her everyday life to drive-home to the students that the negative people and negative situations they face in their everyday lives should not impact their positive attitudes. Jennifer made a point of telling the students that adversity and negativity are not a package deal, saying that “you don’t get a ‘Sparkle-Tude’ if you don’t survive these things.” As cliché as it sounds, the very things that bring you down, can lift you up.securedownload (1) Jennifer states that “attitude is everything”, this has been proven through data collected from a nation-wide survey, revealing that an employer would prefer to hire someone with a positive attitude and no skill set over someone with a negative attitude with an accomplished skill set; this is due to the fact that the positive person can be trained to fulfill the job’s requirements. Jennifer delved deep into her presentation, exploring  all seven “Sparkle-Tude” boosters:

1. Start the day off on a positive note.

2. Have only positive thoughts about yourself and others. 

3. Look for the good in yourself and in others. 

4. Believe in yourself, your talents, and unique gifts.

5. Don’t take things personally.

6. Affirm a spirt of gratitude through the day. 

7. Have an unconditional support system and passion/hobbies. 

Jennifer is teaching all of us at GCC how to embrace the positivity in our lives, in order to become a happier and healthier version of ourselves and achieve the goals that satisfy our largest dreams. Jennifer is truly an exemplary member of the GCC community and continues to demonstrate her “Sparkle-Tude” on a daily basis. Now it’s time for the rest of GCC to sparkle with positivity.

-Ami Cornell