Returning to school at age 38


I was nervous about starting Genesee Community College. As an adult I felt that I was a little out of place. I figured the students would make fun of me because I’m old enough to be their parent. I have grown a lot because of my experience returning to school as an adult.

Returning to school had me a little frightened due to not knowing how much academic work was expected of me. When I went to college the first time I didn’t have to study that hard because I was able to retain a lot of information without writing anything down. I didn’t know what to expect 20 years later. Half of the time I can’t remember my own husband’s name. How was I going to retain class lectures plus homework information?

Now that I’ve been at Genesee Community College for a year, I’ve learned that I’m smarter than I thought. The kids in my class like me and some admire me. I’ve learned that there are many different ways for me to study. The method that works for me is using flash cards as well as taking notes during class. I often set aside time on the weekends to study the flash cards or read ahead to have all the weeks reading assignments completed or at least attempted. These techniques have helped me assimilate to being a college student. These methods have also helped in my acquiring Dean’s List status every semester so far.

To conclude, the experiences that I’ve learned here at GCC as an adult student has prepared me to further my education. One thing that would help this school be more marketable to adult students is separate areas for 25 and older to hang out. Sometimes it’s frustrating sitting in the student union with younger students and not knowing where I fit in. If there was a designated area for adults than at least we could feel a sense of belonging.

– Yolanda Ransom

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