Fashion Designer Profile: Shenique’ Johnson


Shenique’ Johnson is a sophomore fashion design student here at Genesee Community College, with the passion for fashion running through her veins. She is also one of the scene coordinators for this year’s fashion show with the scene called “Mad House”, where she will be showcasing her fashion line called “The S-Jay Collection” for the spring/summer collection this year. The S-Jay Collection will be the start of her official fashion line starting this year.

Shenique' Johnson

Hailing out of Rochester, NY, Shenique’ Johnson has always had an eye for fashion.

“I’ve been taught by my grandmother, who was taught by her mother to sew and design clothes. So designing clothes has been in my blood since the day I was born.”

From taking her first fashion class in 9th grade, she always had an idea that it would be her mission for people to see her creative eye within her own taste of fashion. Her 9th grade fashion teacher noticed that she was good at designing and sewing when she gave out the assignment of creating their first pair of pajama pants and a matching purse to go along with them.

Shenique’ was known in high schools for being fashion forward, wearing crazy bright clothing. This sense of style led her to style the models in her high school’s fashion show in 2008 as well as designing her friends senior togas. By the end of school she knew that fashion design was going to be her perfect career.

Shenique Johnson 2

Since attending Genesee Community College, she has interned during freshman year for a sophomore fashion merchandising student in last year’s show “Soiree” and was giving the opportunity to feature her talent. Given a tight deadline, and having to intern as well, she went from creating three outfits, to one final piece that the coordinator loved.  After the show, a lot of friends and family asked her when it was going to be her turn to really showcase her designs? Their answer will be in this year’s fashion show, Fashion Forward, on April 27th at Genesee Community College in Batavia.

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