Almost makes you look forward to the Zombie Apocalypse


Ok, so Zombies are the hip new thing with you young people. My daughter drags my lifeless corpse to the comedy movie “Warm Bodies”, and I came alive!  This quaint story of a young zombie that falls in love with a human girl, is laugh out loud funny! Get ready to fall in love with a new kind of monster movie. These are definitely not your father’s zombie movies! With my recent Netflix subscription I have also been introduced to the AMC show about the Zombie apocalypse. “The Walking Dead” centers on a Sheriff who is shot and is unconscious when the zombies take over the planet destroying most of mankind. He wakes up and goes looking for his wife and son who had been rescued by his friend and co-worker. The Sherriff realizes his family left in a hurry, and wanders in a dazed state, doomed for certain death at the teeth of a “walker”. He’s rescued and brought up to speed by a man and his son whom are hankered down in an abandoned house.   After making an agreement to stay in contact, the two part ways, and the Sherriff looks for his family. He goes to the city to find shelter, only to find it has been taken over by zombies. The Sherriff comes to a “dead end” when zombies trap him inside an abandoned Army Tank. He is contacted on the CB by a young Korean man who, after insulting his intellect, helps him escape. The sheriff joins a motley crew of survivors, who are not pleased that he has now put all their lives in peril.  Quickly he earns the respect of the group by handcuffing the racist redneck bully of the group to a pipe. He launches an escape plan that involves smearing themselves with zombie guts. (How cool it that?) The group makes their way back to camp, where the Sherriff is reunited with his wife and son.  They were still in the care of his co-worker, whom had left him for dead, and now was in a secret relationship with his wife.  The Walking Dead may not be the most original premise for a series, but it is extremely well written and the effects are spectacular!  I jump out of my seat from the action and the suspense is enough that my legs shake uncontrollably. (Yes, my family looks at me like I’m insane.) This is my family’s new addiction. I recommend it to anyone who liked Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Roswell, or anything cool and zombie-like.

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