Art gallery


I visited the art gallery today and I have to say I am impressed. There was everything from sculptures to paintings to photography (my personal fave). I was particularly impressed by Naoya Yoshioka, Christina Barnes, Kayla Twardowski, Hikaru Kishimoto, Rachel Doktor, and Holly Hosmer. You all did a wonderful job! While most of you were acrylic on canvas, Hikaru was graphite and Rachel was photography. Since I have such a love for the craft, I am going to concentrate on Rachel’s photography.

Rachel, I am very impressed and even returned to your photograph twice to re-study it. The way you conveyed such sadness in the image makes me want to know the whole story behind the two people. Your photograph was like an unfinished novel. The mystery of the outcome is torturing me, yet still makes me want more. Keep up the great work!


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