Job Fair- April 3rd


On April 3rd 2012, GCC will be holding it’s annual Spring Job Fair from 12-2 in the Forum. It will be sponsored by WBTA AM1490. There are a number of companies scheduled to attend, including The College At Brockport and Hyatt Regency Buffalo. For a full list of these companies, please see:

GCC Fashion Student, Shauna Scott, interviewed one of the companies scheduled to attend. She interviews Darien Lake Theme Park Resort Assistant General Manager, Christopher Thorpe who talks about the many advantages to working at Darien Lake.

A few of the things that caught my attention while watching the video interview, were as follows…

Christopher says that these things are the biggest advantages to working at the Park.

1. Resume building

2. Managing your own performance helps you to be committed to your job.

3. Learning fundamental business skills while on the job.

4. Earning personal development.

5. Free admission tickets to park with EVERY paycheck.

He also gives advice about the upcoming job fair and what the company expects.

1. “Come with an open mind.”

2. “Be professional.”

3. Dress business casual

4. “Be Yourself.”

During the course of the video, the Darien Lake ducks (ducks do not belong to Darien Lake, they simply supply the water for them to bath in 🙂 ), agreed with Christopher many times and also believe that Darien Lake Theme Park Resort is a great place. So, attend the job fair on April 3rd and discuss with Darien Lake (as well as many other companies) if you would be the perfect person for “the job”!


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