The Color Green


Hey everyone! Genevieve here… Wondering if you have ever realized just how prominent the color green is in our lives. I mean, think about it, green is what each living thing starts out as. Well, not in the literal sense all the time, but still. The grass starts out as green, underneath the bark of a tree is the green youth of it’s past, and we even start out as green. Of course you know that we aren’t born as some strange green alien or anything, but we start out green in the figurative sense. The word green is used to describe our insecurities and our “blank page” -if you will. We are “green” because we are amateurs at everything, including life, and we must learn what is needed to gain the other “colors” of our lives.

We even use the term “going green” to talk about recycling or finding ways to live on Earth that are friendlier and healthier for our planet.

An author I know, *clears throat*, once said that Mother Nature’s hair must be green like the grass because the color is so important to the world. After all, once upon a time even Mother didn’t know what she was doing. Once upon a time she was green, but as she learned and grew the rest of the vibrant colors came out in her world allowing her to share their beauty with us; her creations, her babies.

So, as you walk up the hill to class or when you’re driving in your car to work tomorrow take a moment to look at the bright green grass and appreciate it. And, if you’re lucky enough to have some free time while the sun is shining, grab a book (a novel, not a magazine or comic book) and sit on the cushion of the green and enjoy the second best priviledge we have as humans- the freedom to enjoy a good book.

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