High Heels


Today, I heard a guy ask “why do women wear high heels?” Well, given that I am wearing high heels today, I feel compelled to answer him. Women wear high heels for 1 of 5 reasons.

1: To feel taller
2: To feel powerful
3: To impress someone
4: To separate ourselves from the men
5: To make our legs look awesome!

Granted, many people find them annoying and useless, but there aare many advantages to wearing heels.

1: Built in weapon when youneed protection.
2: Always ready for an interview or photo opp.
3: You catch people’s attention.
4: Your legs get more of a workout in heels.

The best thing about a woman wearing high heels is you’ll never know the true reason for that particular woman’s decision to wear them so watch out! It is one of the many mysteries of women, so the next time you see a woman wearing heels don’t ask why, just keep the mystery alive.

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